Tropes I Can and Cannot Stand

I’m sure you all know some book tropes and are amazingly talented at pointing out cliches when it comes of YA novels. I however, am on the worse side of things and usually read eighteen books exactly the same and don’t notice it… Okay that’s a lie, I do notice it, I just love most of the overused tropes (please don’t kill me).

It’s natural for people to stand and criticize a book for containing one or all the YA book cliches but sometimes they are good! 

I am going to list some of my favourite book tropes and let you know my own thoughts on the matter at hand.

The hero/heroine is the “chosen one”

I do get that this is one of the only ways the story may be able to advance sometimes and it would be kind of boring if the main character wasn’t able to do anything to stop the problem. Butttttttt… I am sure if one person is capable of saving the world there has to be others as well who can help.

Being “fixed” by a love interest

There are studies that show that when someone falls in love or gets into a relationship they are actually less productive soooooooo I highly doubt that would allow for the character to be “fixed”.

Protagonist has absolutely no faith in their abilities

I do completely understand that some people’s level of confidence is not as high as others but if you have managed to ride a horse before you do not need to be extremely worried about riding it again. Same goes for any other issue a character may have in a book.

I need characters who understand their worth and are ready to be anything but humble about their abilities (although I guess humility is a nice trait to have).

School is non-existent


Hell yeah I love this one. Only because I hate schools in books. Training schools are okay if done well but I cannot stand other schools in books mainly because there is always one teacher who has it out for the main character and is probably secretly plotting the destruction of said character.

Plus I’m at school five days a week, I do not need another reminder to do my homework.

Love triangles

I am perfectly fine with the love triangle (or any other shape) trope but only when the thoughts of those involved aren’t constantly being repeated. If I am aware there are two or more people chasing after the main character, I do not need the main character or any one else to constantly tell me of it.

Plus I need for it to be believable that the main part of the triangle would actually like these characters… meaning the two are not complete opposites.

Strong female protagonists

Yes yes yes! I need motivational characters in my life who are happy to rule the world and let others know of their success. They do not need to be ridiculously bad ass and able to break bones I am so down for a character who is amazing at any talent and uses it for their advantage (while hopefully not taking any comments about their inability, or if they do let it slide give the tormentor a nice long look when they succeed)

Realization of a hidden power

Of course I love this one, I’m still waiting for my own hidden powers to come to light. My only issue with this is if the character is able to control the power with no training what so ever (I love nothing more than a training scene in a book, seriously if you know a book were characters train to master their powers let me know below).



The World of BookTube?

Hello, I’m back once more and with a quick (maybe) post about something new.

I have decided to start a YouTube channel dedicated to books, so basically in the branch of BookTube. I will still be posting here on my blog but an very excited about my new channel (mostly because it’s like a shiny new toy right now).

Anyways if you wish to check it out the link is here!

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief || Book Review

“The real world is where the monsters are.”

Hello everyone! I am so excited about this book review and it sounds really strange but in the past twelve weeks I’ve only read three books (which were the ACOTAR trilogy books) so I was really happy when I finally picked up another book and actually finished it (can we all agree reading slumps suck?).

But to the review:

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was a very intriguing book that never once had me bored. The plot was lovely and although the characters are twelve years old I over looked that a lot and just assumed they were my age. Looking back on it now, if I focused on the fact they were twelve I wouldn’t have believed some of the events or reactions that happened in this book but hey sixteen years old, that’s more realistic apparently. haha.

If you have ever been a fan of Greek mythology I highly recommend this book. Yes, of course this is not a 100% accurate representation of the Greek Gods ect but it was so amazingly interesting I loved find out random pieces of information and managed to find links to other books and their plot line. *cough Persephone and Hades and ACOMAF cough*

The characters in this book are hilarious, mainly Percy and his internal stream of thoughts. He is so witty and all around funny (but that could also be because his humor is a lot like mine).

I have read this book before, although that was over five years ago, but while reading this book compared it a lot to the movie. I am completely in understanding as to why the movies do not follow the exact plot line of the book.

To me, it’s partially because the plot twists were a) not very shocking and b) constant. The plot twist didn’t bother me, they just didn’t grab my attention. More so because they were in the last fifty pages of the book which was mainly filled with plot I felt could have been left out of the book.

Overall though, I am so happy I read this book and give it a solid four out of five stars. I cannot wait to read the next book in a few days time. Have you read the Percy Jackson books? If so what did you think?

My Goodread’s review is here if you would like to have a quick look. (feel free to add me as a friend).

Until next time,

Black Mirror || TV show review

Hello everyone! Do you have Netflix? If so have you seen Black Mirror yet?

The answer if not “yes” it should be “I will start it the second I read this review.”

The series, Black Mirror, consists of three seasons where every episode is based on a new topic so you can skip any episodes you just don’t feel like watching and know the next episode is completely unrelated.

In fact I actually managed to skip the second season by accident and watched it eventually after the third season.

Keeping season one episode one away from my mind for a moment, this show was the perfect combination of “I must know what happens” and “This is disturbing I have to look away.”

(Episode one is more “I can’t watch but I must know what happens”)

Also side note: If you do watch this show don’t judge me off episode one. Maybe even skip the first episode until you have watched the other ones.

The episodes focus on what our world could be like in the near future if technology continues to advance the way it is. Some episodes did manage to scare the living daylights out of me. Case and point season three episode 2 (I believe) which is about virtual reality and another episode in season three focusing on this computer virus. Holy the computer virus episode actually made me go and cover the camera on my laptop with a sticky note even though I have never been on a dodgy virusy website.

This show does play on emotions, especially fear. Plus a little bit of  the feeling of having no control over some situations in life.

There were episodes that got me thinking about what I am doing in life and how I could improve upon myself. Such as season one episode three (I think) which is based on the idea that people rate each other on social media. I think this episode was one of the most relatable episodes even though the technology and actual five-star rating system for each person is very different to now.

I must say the quality of the actual show is amazing. I haven’t actually heard much about this show until I started to watch it so I’m not sure if there is a huge following or not, but they must have a good budget for production.

The acting never failed me but there were a few episodes I found myself wanting to skip small parts of. Such as “San Cisco” in season three. Not because it was boring… just because I feel as though the story could have been told in a faster way. There are some episodes that seem to go really quick and others that I did actually watch in parts because I just couldn’t sit through two hours worth of it.

Speaking of running times, the majority of episodes are only forty minutes. There are just a few that are longer, in fact two hours is probably very extreme.

That’s all I have to say on Black Mirror, have you seen this show before?

Until next time,

December TBR

Okay Okay I will not set too high of standards for myself this month even though I am on holidays and so I could technically read a lot.

Books to Read:

First off I would love to finish Illuminae which I am currently buddy reading with a friend of mine, on the rate we are going at I should be finished one or two weeks into December.

Recently I purchased the Percy Jackson series so those books are next on my TBR (excluding the first one which I read in November).

If I can manage to read more than four books this month, I sneakily want to read Turtles All The Way Down which I actually brought for a friend but think if I am clever I can sneakily read it before I give it to her which I guess isn’t the best thing to do but I am giving her other gifts as well and it’s not like she wouldn’t have lent it to me anyways.

However, if my conscious steers me away from TATWD I plan on reading Everless, Diving Eden, Starborn and Chimera all of which are review copy books which I am yet to review.

As for Movies/ Tv shows:

I have been craving Anastasia for months now but have not watched it for reasons I do not understand, seriously I should just watch it already.

On Netflix I want to binge watch Stranger Things and The Mortal Instruments. I have technically watched The Mortal Instruments, actually its a funny not so funny story. I somehow managed to watch the first couple of episodes from season one and then skip ahead to season two and I’m not sure how I did it I just did. I only realised when my little sister started watching the show and I had no clue what she was talking about until she got to season two.

Oh plus I plan on watching Outlander season 3 and to do that I need to finish season 2.

What are your plans for December? And how far away are you from your yearly reading goal?

Until next time,

What I Read in November

Aaaaaaahahaha I should stop writing this now because the amount of books I read this month is so incredibly low it isn’t even funny.


Okayyyyyy I have just checked Goodread’s and am going to go hid in a corner crying surrounded by the two books I read this month! This is an outrageous I would demand a recount except I know it’s correct so I won’t.

I managed to read one of the five books I planned on reading this month and that was A Court of Wings and Ruin . Which I can once again say was amazing.

The second book I read I only finished yesterday (luckily I did or I would have probably cried at the one (compared to usually four or five) books I read this month). It was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and I gave it four out of five stars for the hilarious internal thoughts of Percy.

*crying continues*

As for the tv shows I watched… I have been keeping up to date with Riverdale and finished the three seasons of Black Mirror both shows which I cannot recommend enough. However… I did not watch the Nightmare Before Christmas or the Witches. Maybe next year for Halloween I will, but until then I am perfectly fine with the inner child of me not wanting to scare myself with movies that are probably not at all scary.

What did you read/watch this month?

Until next time,

What to Buy Next

Do you know what is worse than figuring out what book on your self to read next? Figuring out what book to buy next.






A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a gift card to Dymocks from my teacher for running the school magazine for a year. And I can honestly say that deciding what to buy with the gift card was one of the hardest decisions of my life. I guess this can be added to the list of things I overthink.

It took me a full month to decided what to buy and when I finally did decide to put a book into the online cart… I took it out, added a different book, took that out, added two books, saw shipping price, got rid of one book, got rid of the second book, added the original book, brought book twice.

Yes, I brought it twice.

I don’t even understand how, well I do but anyways. I put in the gift card info and it never took me to a new screen saying “Thank you for your purchase” it stayed on the page so I clicked a few buttons and even though it said I would get a chance to review the purchase it just went through again!

It’s not like this should be a hard decision but it was, it really was. Especially because the books I wanted, I knew I could get for cheaper on book depository.

Plus I didn’t know if I wanted to get a sequel to a book I already owned because I wasn’t really in the mood to read those books and am likely never to finish those series.

Eventually I ended up with Illuminae which I plan on reading sometime in the next month or so.

How long does it take you to decide what book to buy next?

Until next time,