Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin || Book Review

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I reviewed Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin, if not, know you know. However, that was the wattpad version of the story and this time, I have actually read the final copy which was recently released on the 5th of September.

This book is one of my favourite reads of this year and is a lovely contemporary when you need an easy read. Chasing Red has many cute scenes throughout the novel which will have you shipping almost all the characters with someone.

Not only is this book full of romance, there is also plenty of drama and betrayal. Mostly surrounding jealousy and characters family situations.

I love how every character in this story is well thought out and has a different backstory. Throughout the novel, it is clear to see how character’s childhood’s have shaped them into who they are now.

Chasing Red is the first of two novels in the Red Series by Isabelle Ronin. The second book, Always Red, will be out this November. I know so soon. This is because the wattpad story has been split into two separate books with additional scenes.

There isn’t a massive difference between the wattpad story and the final copy. But the additional scenes really help for connecting with the characters and seeing their growth throughout their lives.

Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin is a novel I will forever want to read and can see myself rereading time and time again.

I was lucky enough to receive an ebook copy of this book through netgalley, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas || Book Review

In advanced this review will not contain any spoilers what so ever, however, I suggest not reading further if you have not read Queen of Shadows.

 “you must enter where you fear to tread” 

There are so many things I need to say about Tower of Dawn, I’m not entirely sure where to start. This book was not at all what I expected it to be and I am so glad for it.

Tower of Dawn is perfectly paced and is able to explain and explore so many things, which I believe can only be described as pure brilliance. The Throne of Glass world has gotten a whole lot wider and the history so much more interesting. I already know they final book next year will be one to look out for.

I’m pleading that Sarah J Maas will set more books in this world. Even if they are not with these characters, I would rather enjoy a book series about the first Demon War.

As you have probably already noticed in this series, the point of view often changes although all are still told in third-person. One of the main reasons I enjoyed this book so much, was because we get the chance to focus on a smaller group of characters. Only three points of view are followed and I found all of this very intriguing. Although, to be completely honest, at one point I was begging for less of one character and more of another but that is just because I was defending my favourite character and clearly wanted more of them.

I would not describe this book as an epic adventure with heaps of daring sword fights ect, but I never expected it to be like that anyways. This book was focused on healing not just physical wounds but mental ones as well for all characters. Along with this, a hell of a lot of discovery goes down. All of which makes this book soooooooooooo much more important to this series.

Instead, I would describe this book like I describe a lot of others, a nice read. Tower of Dawn is honestly such a nice read and had me reading every moment I was awake. (I’m so proud of myself, I finished this book in just over 24 hours).

I really would like to say more but I am rather scared I will spoil something and then someone would hunt me down. So I end this review here.

My goodreads review can be found here.

My hopes and dreams for Tower of Dawn can be found here (I wrote this before I read the book so please do not think any of it to be true)

If you have read this book please please please dm here on instagram so I can express all my thoughts.

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Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas || Book Review

A lot of things went down in Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas, however, I recommend that if you have not read Crown of Midnight, Throne of Glass or The Assassin’s Blade, that you do not read my review as I might have some minor spoilers for those books.

The one thing I can say about the Throne of Glass series, is that there is never a dull moment, the writing is always page turning and attention grabbing. When I first read Heir of Fire, there was a new character’s perspective who I did not completely enjoy, Manon’s. However, with this second read of mine, I found her parts of the story fairly interesting.

I think the first time I read Heir of Fire I was in too much of a hurry and wanted to focus more on Celaena. Heir of Fire tends to share the pages between the characters rather than purely focus on Celaena as the previous books tended to do. But the other characters never bored me.

The world is explored throughout this book and Celaena’s past is poured out onto the page in a way that will have you reaching for a tissue while also standing behind her and chanting for her to take her life into her own hands.

Dorian takes a major character arc in this book, especially in the last 100 pages or so. In fact, a lot of characters have major arcs in this book. Which all impressed me.

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Book Review: Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller

“‘Address me however I look.’ I was both. I was neither. I was everything, but that wasn’t exactly a friendly conversation between strangers trying to kill each other.”

Hey Book Nation,

This review is being written wayyyyyy back in February! I saved it for now so it would be closer to the publication date. This book is a very interesting one and I cannot wait to share why.


Pages: 384

My Rating: 3.5/5

Release date: 5th of September 2017

Series: First book in an untitles series by Linsey Miller

Isuue: ebook, review copy in exchange for honest review (via Netgallery)

My thoughts:

I do understand why mentioning that Sal is gender fluid in the synopsis will grab peoples attention and lure them into reading this book, and while it is an important part of Sallot’s identity it isn’t a major defining point throughout the novel itself.

Instead what the synopsis should focus on is the action pack, intensity of this competition.

This book can be compared to Throne of Glass or The Hungers Games (while reading the book I even thought a little bit of The Selection) and although it’s far to compare based on the fact this is an assassin competition, to the death, set in a sort of magical war torn world, it does also have it’s differences and stand out points.

I found that this book focused at lot more on the competition side of things than Throne of Glass did and had a lot more deaths than in The Hunger Games (well, more that the main character new about).

With that said I also felt disconnected with the characters in this book, for multiple reasons.

  1. Each competitor was referred to a 1 through 23. If they had been given names, I feel as if I could have figured out sooner who was who. In the end I only really remembered who two of them were.
  2. The Queen’s Left Hand, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst and Opal, were also kinda hard to imagine.
  3. Every other character was hard to remember
  4. I felt as if heaps of characters had been thrown at me and I couldn’t remember who was who, what they looked like, what they had done etc

The World Building:

Within the first couple of chapters of this book, expect to have heaps of information thrown your way. So make sure you pay attention!!! There are also little history lessons throughout the novel, so always be ready.

With that said, I do believe there is a timeline at the back of the book, that I didn’t see until the ebook was finished. So if you get your hands on a physical copy, probably have a quick read of it before or during the first part of the novel.

The Plot:

Although the whole assassin, to the death, game theme wasn’t necessarily original, I did find this book a lot more fast pace than those it can be compared to. I actually read this book in one day, a little in the morning, some one the bus in the afternoon, then the rest all night (I’m currently writing this at 12.22 am, 22 minutes after I finished the book)

I couldn’t put this book down, there was always something going on and although I had no clue who was who, I still found it very interesting.

In conclusion: This book is a fast pacing, kinda action packed novel about a thief entering a competition to join the Queen’s left hand. There is definitely some world building in this, however, it was a lot all at once and while definitely require some thinking. It is hard to connect to most of the characters, but I guess that is kind of the point, Sal is disconnected to these other competitors (how else would they be able to kill each other). The writing style is amazing and intriguing.

My goodread’s review is here

Are you planning on giving this book a read???

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Tower of Dawn Hopes and Theories

*Clears throat*

*Cracks knuckles*

*Whispers* Let’s do this

This will include spoilers from all the Throne of Glass books (I believe) the major ones come from Queen of Shadows and The Assassin’s Blade but I am assuming most of you know what happens in that book considering you have heard of what Tower of Dawn is about. If you have not, I suggest not reading any further in this post, or reading any description of TOD because you will spoil yourself for Queen of Shadows.

This post is just going to go through the books and point out any foreshadowing I have noticed that might have to do with Tower of Dawn and my feelings about Chaol.

The Assassin’s Blade

In The Assassin and the Healer we met Yrene Towers who after meeting Celaena Sardothien has enough money to finally chase her dream and train in becoming a healer.

My theory, along with pretty much everyone else, is that Chaol will meet Yrene Towers and hopefully she will help him out a little. However, I do not want Chaol “healed”. And this isn’t because I dislike him, it’s because I  have this vision of Chaol sitting in a wheelchair with a bow and arrow kicking ass. He can still be the captain of the guard but now he is doing it from a chair, so be it. I think he will learn to be amazing at shooting an arrow.

Celaena gives a whole heap of – OMG i just had another theory I will come back to this in a second

During the Assassin and the Healer, Celaena teaches Yrene some self-defense moves

I really really really want to see Yrene teaching little kids who come to train as healers how to defend themselves. I want to see Chaol roaming around the healer school and stumble across Yrene training little kids, and in the moments he watches her fight him, he realises where he has seen those moves before, who has done those moves before, Celaena. It doesn’t make sense to him at first as to why a healer would know Celaena, but hasn’t she mentioned she wanted to be a healer before, maybe he will catch on to this.

back to the other thought

Celaena gave a whole heap of gold to Yrene to become a healer and a necklace. 

I want to see Yrene wearing that necklace. Even better, I want Chaol to ask about it and for Yrene to explain how she got it. Then Chaol will connect the dots and bam! He admits that he likes Celaena again, not loves (because Rowan is better) but likes and understands her.

In the Assassin and the Desert Ansel explains to Celaena that she once met an irontooth witch and that the witch told her to go train as an assassin

Anyone want to bet this witch was astrien cause same! Although this won’t come into play during Tower of Dawn because Ansel will not be here

Ansel also explained that Lord Loch killed her father and sister

I also want to bet that Lord Loch has something to do with Elide Lochan, in particular her uncle who didn’t allow for her leg to be healed properly. OH MY GOD can chaol please bring Yrene with her and an army to help save Celaena. Yrene can then fix Elides leg.

Edit: I just found out from my Empire of Storms read that Ansel killed Lord Loch who is not related to Uncle Lochan. Why must characters have similar names?????

Throne of Glass

I didn’t find much detail

Crown of Midnight

I’m thinking maybe Chaol could go an take back his title from is little brother (???)

Heir of Fire

I (re)discovered in this book that there is also a healer academy over in Wendlyn. I’m thinking maybe the healer place Chaol is going to might talk about this school and the two can team up and save Celaena and the rest of the world.

Also in this book Dorian told Chaol a lot (and I mean a lot) that he needs to move forward and adapt so I’m hoping something happens as Chaol goes through this book, that he snaps into place and realizes things are changing. (Also how cool would it be if he had magic???)

Queen of Shadows

Okay so I paid some attention this time around and realised Elide does in fact have magic abilities. I am thinking they will be water as Elide is related to Aelin through their mothers (and Aelin’s mum had water, I remember that being mentioned somewhere).

In the south, aka where Chaol is headed, Nesyrn’s family lives. So I am hoping that will help them build a army.

What are your theories on Tower Of Dawn? I would love to hear them.

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas || Book Review

Hello, Hello, Hello.

How are you going?

I recently just finished my first ever reread of Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Mass and the very first thing I must address is Why. On. Earth. Have. I. Not. Reread. This. Sooner.

(Anyone else noticing how me not reading books sooner is a common theme)

To expand on my point, I went into this reread thinking this was my least favourite book in the entire Throne of Glass series, I knew I liked it, but I didn’t think it was as great as the other. Oh how I was wrong! This book is filled with so much fantasy I can’t believe I didn’t remember.

So much more of the magic mentioned in the very first book is expanded on and goes into more detail as well as sets up for more events to possibly happen.

If you have read the series before, I suggest having another read of this one, purely because there is so much foreshadowing (most of which I still probably missed).

I really loved the characters in this book and almost cried twice, which clearly means something considering the first time reading this book I didn’t even think of shedding a tear (I know, I am a monster).

I honestly cannot wait to get started on my Heir of Fire reread, considering how much more I like this book now, I can only imagine what will happen with the other books in this series.

My original review is here and my Goodread’s review is here

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September TBR

I have so many books I want to read this month, so lets get right into it:

  • First I really want to finish Queen of Shadow’s by Sarah J Maas. I am halfway into it and loving Lysandra just as much as I did the first time I read this book.
  • I don’t know if I will have time to read Empire of Storms before Chaol’s novel comes out but if I do it will be next.
  • Tower of Dawn comes out this month and I am getting so excited to read it.
  • I’m also trying a buddy read this month for And I Darken. This will be my first buddy read!!!!!!!
  • If I get time, I will then read the next book in the series, Now I Rise.
  • If I manage to get even more time, I hope to read Song of the Current.

Fingers crossed I get heaps of free time, because I am so excited to read these books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do have fourteen days of school holidays, however, I am going on a school trip for seven of those so I don’t think I’ll get much done.

What do you plan to read this month?

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