Book Review: The Star of Deltora (Shadows of the Master) By Emily Rodda

Hello All book lovers,

Today i have something new. something that rarely ever happens, i have a book i didn’t like. I would also like to point out that i still don’t know why this is the title of the book and also don’t like how it is so long of a title. Anyways, enjoy my review.

The Star of Deltora (Shadows of the Master)



My Rating: 2/5

Release date: 1st August 2015

Series: I think there are three books in this series?

Issue: paperback, brought

My Thoughts:


So i have many thoughts about this book. Many negative. So if you have read this book and loved it that’s okay, i just happen to not like it as much as you do.

I was very close to rating this book a four, purely because i liked the competition they held in the last 50 pages of the book. But then i realised i needed to rate the whole book and not just the competition so it got pulled back down.

First of, let me just come out and say it. I hate this book cover, no i am not having it. If there was no face on it that would have been much better.

Secondly, i had no clue what was going on in the first third of the book, i’m guessing this wasn’t the first book in the series cause it so confused me. But the thingy said it was so i was even more confused, and my thingy i mean the inside of the book.

Apart from no understanding the first third of the book, i just didn’t like the writing of this book or the story. And i know what you’re think, why did you buy it then. Because my mother told me i would like it and it was relatively cheap. It then sat in my cupboard for a year until i finally decided to waste my day reading it.

Now i will say something good about this book, because i’m sure some people like it and i also think it’s rude just to say bad things about what people have written.

I loved the whole competition they had in this book. To become a trader i think it was for, that was a good competition. If that was the entire book then i would have loved it. I think because this book was so small little parts which bored me seemed to go forever.

If you like the sound of sea traders and things like that then go ahead and read this book. But i do also think you shouldn’t go out of your way to read it.

sorry 😦

Head over to my Goodreads account,Β and here to see my other review on this book

Goodreads description:

Britta has always wanted to be a trader like her father, sailing the nine seas and bringing precious cargo home to Del harbour. Her dreams seemed safe until her fathers quest to find the fabled Staff of Tier ended in blood and horror. Now his shamed family is in hiding, and his ship, the Star of Deltora, belongs to the powerful Rosalyn fleet. But Brittas ambition burns as fiercely as ever.When she suddenly gets the chance to win back her future she knows she has to take it whatever the cost. She has no idea that shadows from a distant, haunted isle are watching her every move.


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