Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Hey reader fans,

no sorry i have not read this book yet (as a whole) so this isn’t a review.

BUT I read a preview of it which you can find here also on there you can find the trailer.

So i haven’t read the entire preview yet because i was too pumped from the first chapter. I might write what i thought of the other chapters later. Depends, i don’t want to read more because i will be really excited and then i will have to wait three weeks for the rest of the book.

anyways, Heartless is coming out in like 17 days and i am so pumped.

200-1 the second it comes out i must get it. every second late i will be like the white rabbit.

The first chapter was spectacular. The Queen of Hearts starts off the book as Lady Catherine and is really eager to win the kings heart. Today she has made him lemon tarts. Also she seems to have a bit of a magical power (?) she grew a lemon tree in her sleep.

But what had me in love the most, was the fact that Cheshire cat was present. the more cheshire cat in this book the better. He is my favourite!

The way this book is written is different to how the lunar chronicle series. I think the way the lunar chronicles was written is harder to get into, where i think this one is very easy. I’m already in love with it and i’ve only read one chapter. But the way the sentences form and the words chosen are different to tlc. Most likely because the lunar chronicles was a syfy kind of series where this one is more fairytale fantasy.

okay well, it was only the first chapter i read so i can’t say much now can i?

as far as first chapters go this one was great. i am so pumped to read the whole thing. this book already seems like one i will want to have finished in a day. so basically it will have me falling down the rabbit hole (yes i made that reference, i also got this to match)


until next time book kingdom


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