November Tbr

Oh November,

So this month i have a heck of a lot of things going on, so i’m just going to set myself a nice and easy book goal.

I have three goals.

the first is to finish Eternal night already because i’ve taken so many breaks from it and i need to hurry up and get back to it

the second is to read the second harry potter book

and the third isn’t a book to read but instead, to edit the novel i wrote as part of nanowrimo.

I really need to study for school so this months reviews are mostly books i read last month that i saved the review for this month. But December i have very high book goals which i will explain at the beginning of December.

update on my NaNoWriMo:

*reads first paragraph*


*reads first chapter*


clearly a great start. The issue i had with the first chapter was that it was sort of just setting the scene for everything and not jumping right in to actually keep peoples attention.

i’m currently still working through the first chapter and trying to weave the original first chapter into it as it does have information that is needed.

oh and i came up with a name. it is now called ‘The Sleeping Dragon’

Is anyone else doing nanowrimo? what are you reading this month?


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