Behind the Pages

Hey Book Nation,

guess who brought some bookish goods.

A couple of weeks ago while procrastinating, i came across a store called Behind the Pages on instagram. And i had seen this store before. But little did i know, i hadn’t changed what country i was in on the website so the shipping was pretty expensive. move forward a month and i find out it’s actually pretty cheap seeing i live in the same country. (The store has actually worked out a cheaper postage system so if you live in another country it isn’t as expensive to post)

This store sells many things such as bookish boyfriend/ girlfriend soap and lip balm, posters and bookmarks

So i brought three things.

first was Rowan Lip Balm


This lip balm smells like pine and snow just like rowan is described in Throne of Glass.

Next i got Celaena lip balm to match


which is Lemon Verbena Fire.

This one has a lot stronger smell than Rowan.

The last thing i brought was some rowan soap because who doesn’t want to smell like rowan all say long

I was so excited when i found these items and even more when they finally arrived. They are fantastic. The lip balms are so soft and smell incredible and same goes for the soap. If you get a chance to buy any of these i really think you should take it.

The shop was on etsy but i think that might’ve closed as now there is a website

to see more of the soaps and lip balms on offer go check out her instagram account over @behindthepagesstore

I’m just going to list all the characters i remember there being things for

  • rowan
  • celaena
  • manon
  • chaol
  • dorian
  • feyre
  • rhysand
  • percy
  • kaz
  • the darkling
  • shazi
  • gansey
  • katniss
  • and a whole lot more

these products are so amazing and i hope to be getting more in the future.

also, i know it’s been bothering the maker of these so i thought i should tell you THESE ARE NOT EDIBLE (apparently people have been eating them so)

what’s the best bookish item you have ever gotten before? are you interested in any of these?

Until next time reader fans.



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