What I read in November

Hey Reader Fans,

How was your month of November? Mine was rather busy with school. But I managed to complete all my tests. And I got back my math results and they were better than last time so yay!

Anyways, here is what i read in the month of november.


My first read was Eternal Night by Alayna Ravenwood. Which was an alright book, definitely got better as it went on. I gave it two stars purely because i was confused a little and the beginning was slow. But i do look forward to the next one.


This has got to be one of my favourite reads this month. I got The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco through netgallery. Only once I finished did i realise just how early I got this book. It comes out in 2017 so look out for it. It is spectacular and I will be buying it as a physical copy to reread. (review coming decemeber 4th)


I don’t think i need to point out again that i should have read Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets years ago. But i just did so. This book was fantastic. I loved it!!!! This was my goal for november and i had it done in two days. The review for this will be out december 13th


I am a sucker for romance. This book had everything I wanted and made me feel all the feels. (I literally loved these characters so much that I cried when one recieved a gift of sorts showing how much the other one loved them). God i loved this book. Favourite read this month without a doubt. The review will be out december 18th


i didn’t end up finishing this book. This is now a dnf because it never grabbed my attention. I’ll explain more in the review coming early January.


Now this book was so much more interesting than Peculiar children. I am only halfway through it so i shouldn’t really be comparing the two. But I’ve actually managed to read it unlike Peculiar children so that is a good sign. This book is actually really enjoyable and I am loving it.

I read more than I expected this month. I had test and assignments coming out my ears. But one of my new friends gave me a massive pile of books and I gave her some of mine. And man is she fast at reading. She is a year older than me so i thought she would be having to study more. But no she read ten of my books in five days.

In that time i read harry potter and anatomical shape of a heart. Plus started peculiar children. now i normally only read one book a week. But when she handed me the assassin’s blade back three hours after I gave it to her I started to stress and read the living daylights out of these books. Plus in classes with completed assignments/ tests i read.

What books did you read this month?

until next time reader fans.


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