Nanowrimo and where to find my new story

Hello writer fans,

The month of November has come and gone and so has Nanowrimo. Now, i had been intending on editing a book I wrote earlier this year.

It took three chapters for me to realise it was leaning more towards terrible than okay. So I sort of gave up on it. It needs a lot more than a months work on it. Seeing it is the holidays now, I might get around to just rewriting the whole thing. i love the story but my writing was… well it wasn’t good.

And I get it seems worse because it’s myself judging it. But honestly, this was not good.

However, I started writing a new book which I am currently in love with. I haven’t finished it yet or edited it. But i reread the chapter three times before i go to the next, so it’s something.

I am calling this work ‘Dieheart’ which is a term used in the book. This is a young adult fantasy novel. So it is set in a world where creatures like dragons, sirens, Gods, fae and unicorns etc exist. It also had limited technology and the main character lives/lived in a tribe so she cannot read and doesn’t understand some concepts.

this is what I have for the description so far:

I was the chosen one, and by that I mean, the one who was intended to be sacrificed to Itari, the God of the sun, moon and all the stars. He was also the bastard who failed the one job he had. Although I won’t forgive him from trying to kill me, I would help him get back the item he lost. I was a Dieheart after all, and he was in desperate need of help.

You can find it here

If you do read it please let me know what you think. I’m feeling that I need to find new ways to describe things because saying that they were angry or annoyed has been repeated 101 times in the exact same way.

Until Next time,


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