5 scence from… we want to see in …. p.o.v

Hey Book Nation,

how are you all today?

i wanted to try something out, as you can tell from the title of this post it is 5 scenes from a book that i want to be seen from someone else’s point of view. I thought it would be safe to start this new idea of with A Court of Thorns and Roses. If you haven’t read it then maybe don’t proceed. I don’t think it will really be spoilers but I really don’t want to be the one to blame if you do get spoiled. And whose point of view should I go with… Rhysand! (was it really much of a question?)


For the first scene I am combining two events… only because I have so many scenes I want to see in Rhysand p.o.v. These are the two times Feyre and Rhysand met.The first time is on Calanmai Oh how I would love to know what he was thinking when he first meet her. You sort of find out in ACOMAF when he tells Feyre about it but I want more. The next meeting scene is when Rhysand comes back to the Spring Court and sees Feyre again. The scene where Feyre is Glamoured but he figures it out and then makes tamlin bow and beg for him not to tell Amarantha about her. I thought he was so sassy and mean the first time i read this and would love to know his thoughts

The next four scenes all come from under the Mountain:


Next on the list would have to be when feyre was brought before Amarantha the first time… the one where she agrees to the challenges, hears the riddle and then breaks her nose (well she doesn’t break it someone else does for her but either way it breaks)

did Rhysand know that the deal was just a trap? What was he thinking when they beat Feyre up?

what would the high lord of the night court be thinking? I’m guessing a few swear words and many death threats towards tamlin and Amarantha.


How could this list be complete if i didn’t include the challenges. What would Rhys be thinking when Feyre versed the worm, went to pull the wrong lever and most importantly when she had to stab those three fae.

The fourth scene I want to read is when the deal between him and Feyre was made. I must know what he was thinking. and even more, what he told Mor afterwards 1(well when they all got out and he could finally tell her everything)

Last but not least, The final scene I want done by baby Rhy is all those nights he helped Feyre forget about everything by making her drink the wine. She hated him for it … but better than being stuck in a cell forever.

What was he thinking when he first saw her coated in blue paint? what about when he made her dance for him? Most importantly, when she snuck off to see Tamlin? Oh what about after feyre and tamlin were caught and he had to tell Amarantha that she was a human and he hated them and everything?

I have so many more scenes from this book I want to see in Rhysand’s point of view but those were my top five (well 6 considering i combined two). I plan on doing this again so if you have any books and scenes you want to read in other p.o.v’s comment below.

Do you have any ACOTAR scenes you want in Rhysand tellings.

until next time reader fans,


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