Tag: Meet the Bookstagramer

Hey Book Nation,

recently I started a bookstagram account @_queenofthebooks_ and even more recently I was tagged to complete the #meetthebookstagramer tag by @glimpses_of_me so here we go! (i did this on my instagram but thought I would add it here as well.)

1) where are you from? I’m from Australia 🐨
2) when did you start your account? I started my account on the last day on November this year, but the first book related post I did was on the 1st of December
3) would you rather be a publisher or an author? I would love to be an author, i think that would be awesome!
4) stand-alone or series? I think it depends on the book. If it doesn’t need a series than I don’t think it should have one (do I make any sense?) I love series but only when it is necessary.
5) which author inspires you the most? Sarah J Maas 110%
6) where in the world do you want to travel the most? Japan sounds pretty good to me!!
7) cats or dogs? Dogs 🐶
8) favourite movie? Hmmm… the hunger games, divergent, Harry Potter # 2, the blind side. I don’t really know 🤔
9) biggest fear? I’m afraid of being trapped, if it’s a small space but I know I can get out i’m fine. But if I don’t know whether or not I could then I am not okay.
10) if you got stuck on an island what three books would you take with you? The Assassin’s Blade, ACOMAF and the third Harry Potter book (I may as well have a new book to realongsideide my favs)
For everyone who has instagram (or wants to do this elsewhere) please feel free to. i have now officially tagged you all!

let me know what your favourite movie is? I always get stuck on that question.

Until next time reader fans.


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