Book Review: The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett

“I’ll fix it for you. Hand on my heart, Bex Adams, I will fix it.”

Jenn Bennett, Night Owls

Hey Book Nation,

guess who is back with another book review. (this book was originally titled night owls)


Pages: 304

My Rating: 5/5

Release date: 3rd of November 2015

Series:Β Stand alone book

Issue: hardcover, borrowed

My thoughts:

Clearly I am getting really good at picking great books because my favourite list has just gotten one book longer.

This book is written in first person through Bex Adams.

So the plot of this story was amazing. Bex Adams is trying to enter a competition which if she wins will get her a scholarship for a university program. Her goal in life is to become one of those people who draws bodies for medical research etc (you know the ones you see in your health textbooks). But to do this she needs something original to draw, not copying of someone else’s famous drawing.

While waiting for the train home she meets Jack (aka. my new husband). He on the other hand is great at drawing words but not people. With the trouble going on in his family this leads to him becoming a crime lord. No, only joking, but he does Graffiti a bit. And by God is his artwork beautiful (clearly I never saw it but the book made me believe that I had so)

Can you guess where this leads? Yes the two hit it off. So don’t bother reading this book if you hate romance because this book has got it. Man has this book got it. Nothing too inappropriate. Just really hilarious flirting mainly. Those were mainly the parts I reread because they were just too adorable not two.

It’s not a tragic love story like most, they aren’t torn apart or from families that hate each other. But there are some other issues going on.

The writing in this book was fabulous and it never once bored me or made me confused. I understood every second of it and was, as i mentioned earlier, in love with the story. I was reading this during precious study time but man was it worth it. I LOVE THIS BOOK. I must buy and reread it at one

what book/s are you reading at the moment? any good ones I should check out?

Until next time reader fans,

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