5 feels you have while reading…

Hey Book Nation,

the name pretty much says it all. I wanted to start something where for each book I read I wrote something about the five moments i had while reading it. I was going to start with Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy but decided for the first one of these I would just do a generalised 5 feels you have. Next I will do Dumplin’



The famous ‘I released a breath i didn’t know I was holding’ line.

Every.Single. Time

(note: this expression is also for when a character does something you know is stupid)



When there is only 50 pages left and nothing has been solved and you are just stressing the hell out.


the moment a character you thought was going die and doesn’t and a relief just lifts off your shoulder




when none of your characters are cooperating and you just give up on life,

or when a character does something stupid that you knew would have a bad outcome and then exactly what you thought would happen does,



When your otp finally gets together or does something adorable (or kisses).

When a character that is beyond evil dies

when you have been stressing out over something and then it is all solved and everything is perfect in the world again



When everything was perfect and then the author throws in some plot twist which stuff up all your hopes and dreams.

when a character you trusted turns out to be evil.

When someone spoils you and you have to convince yourself they where only lying.

and there you have it, 5 feels you have when reading. Are they any more you can think of? it was quite fun to do so I might start doing it for every couple of books i read.

Until next time reader fans,


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  1. All are so true! I loved reading this, because this is what I feel every single second while reading.


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