2017 Reading Challenge: #tackleyourlibrarychallenge2017

Hey Book Nation,

Three things:

The first is that I was going to post a review today on a book of sorts but I decided against for reason I will explain in a later post.

Second thing, one of favourite accounts over on bookstagram, ash (@ashreads), has teamed up with one of her very good friends, Lauren (@bookschief_managed), to create a reading challenge. You may have guessed from the title of this post, the challenge is called #TACKLEYOURLIBRARYCHALLENGE2017

The whole point of this challenge is to get you reading books you have owned and still haven’t gotten around to reading. Which sounds pretty fantastic to me… except for the fact currently I only have two books I haven’t read. So, because that puts a little bit of a stop on the challenge, I changed a little bit of it. But if you have more than two books that you haven’t read yet, do the actual proper challenge. Which you can find the explanation for here on their blog.

(only do what I’m going to do if you don’t have enough unread books to do the proper challenge)

There are 15 different challenges within this challenge. And you need to complete them in order. There are more than twelve because in some months you will read more than others.

The way I’ve changed the challenge, is that I’ve put down books that I keep saying I will read but haven’t yet. All these are either; owned by me or my family, going to borrow from a friend, or are at the library*. Plus they had to be published before 2017 (mainly to stop me from putting Acowar for challenge 6) Let the challenge begin! *heads over to my tbr list*

*I actually found my library’s website and searched books because i wanted to make sure they had it. Let me tell you, finding a book to go in one of these topic is hard enough, then to see if your library owns it. I deserve a medal. Especially for challenge ten

(Pssst. I have put a cross through the ones I have completed)

Challenge one: Series you meant to start in 2016 (own)

Six Of Crows [Leigh Bardugo]

(I have actually already read this. But the first time I read it was in 2017 and I did mean to read it in 2016 so I’m counting it)

Challenge two: Contemporary (Borrowing off friend)

Fangirl [Rainbow Rowell]

Challenge three: Non Young Adult (I own this one) DNF

Poison City [Paul Crilley] 

Challenge four: Cover you aren’t fond of (Library)

Truth Witch [Susan Dennard] – (I’m not the biggest fan of the uk edition)

Challenge five: Outside scenery on cover (Library)

Wind Witch [Susan Dennard] 

Challenge six: Over 500 pages (family)

Harry Potter 4

Challenge seven: Recommended book (Library)

Champion [Marie Lu]

Challenge eight: Book with multiple authors (Library)

Summer Days, Summer Nights: Twelve Summer Romances [Stephanie Perkins as editor]

Challenge nine: Pre 2016 Debut (library)

Harry Potter 5

Challenge ten: #Bookishletter (library)

(After half an hour of trying to find one, I realised Romeo and Juliet. NO! the library doesn’t have it… back to searching)

The Raven Boys [Maggie Stiefvator]

I know it doesn’t start with an ‘R’ but it was categorized under R on my library website.

Challenge eleven: Book with chapter names (family)

Harry Potter 6

Challenge twelve: Title you love (Library)

Talon [Julie Kagawa]

Challenge thirteen: Book with royalty (library)

The Iron Fey [Julie Kagawa]

Challenge fourteen: Personless cover (Library)

Ash and Lauren’s choice was perfect, so one again I’m jumping onto their choice. Which was ‘Heartless’ [Marissa Meyre]

Challenge fifteen: Standalone book (Library)

Eleanor & Park [Rainbow Rowell]

So there you have it. That actually took a while to do. finding books starting with r that my library had was difficult. But still pretty fun, Please join in on this challenge and check the original post for the details.

Until next time,

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  1. Ash&Lauren Reads says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Ryley! I am excited to see how your progress comes along on these. Thanks for joining in on the challenges, even though they won’t all be owned books! It means a lot!! ~Ash


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