Why you should 110% reread that book.

“And I wondered if love was too weak a word for what he felt, what he’d done for me. For what I felt for him.”

Hey Book Nation,

Recently I reread A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J Maas, and I decided I wouldn’t do another review, just the one I put on goodreads. (My blog review from the first time I read it is here, but be warned, it’s more of mindless rambles)

After deciding not to do another review, I thought of doing a post about why you should reread ACOMAF. But then I realised, there are heaps of books I want to reread and I should do more of a generalized post.

Whether it be a book you want to give a second chance to, or one you love with all your heart, here are some reason why you should pick it up sooner rather than later.

*I’ve also added little notes from when I reread acomaf, they don’t have spoilers don’t worry.

All the bonds between you and the characters strengths

If you thought you loved (or hated) the characters the first time round, expect to be surprised by how much you love (or hate) them afterwards. Now that you already know how the story ends you can go back and look at why the characters did what they did. Plus also ball your eyes out once more as they continue to make you cry, whether in laughter, happiness, joy, sadness or just at their smartass comments.

You gain new perspectives with ever reread. With a set of fresh eyes, you can start to make sense of things. Things that might not necessarily connect to the story, but rather each character’s personality.

From Acomaf reread: Within the first page I noticed my love/ hatred of characters grow. I didn’t have to worry so much as how problems were going to get fixed, instead I could just focus on the characters and how each and everyone of them is different and incredibly spectacular (except a few).

You start to notice things you didn’t before

The first time you read the book you might have been caught of guard. I know most of the books I have read have really sneaky authors who enjoy to foreshadowing (I’m looking at you, Sarah J Maas). So the next time you reread whatever book it is, you start to pick up on those little thoughts or words characters say, that give out small hints. As you start to notice these small little things, you realise why a character did something a certain way which helps you connect more with them.

From Acomaf reread: There were so many small details I missed the first time I read it, some pretty big ones too. The first time I read it I was so engrossed in the story that I looked at the bigger picture rather than the details.

You get to enjoy all the greatness of the book

You might’ve thought it was amazing the first time, you were wrong. You only realise just how pure and golden a book is when you reread it. It’s a thousand million times better the second read over. Whether the problems in the end all work out or go terrible, you get to enjoy the happy moments more.

From Acomaf reread: If the first time I read this book, I gave it 5/5 stars, than this time I read it I give it *goes to google*


I give this book 2 billion trillion star, because it deserves more stars than there are in the universe.

If you didn’t like it the first time and want to give it another chance, you could wind up finding a new great book

There might’ve been something you miss the first time, or you might’ve been in a slump or caught up in life. Now you have time, to go back and really read this book with all the attention it deserve. It could, quite possible, become one of your new favourites. (However, it could also remind you why you didn’t like it the first time.)

From Acomaf reread: Are you kidding me? I loved it the first time, this doesn’t apply.

You start to notice who the quotes actually came from

If you’re like me than you always go and look up quotes from the book after reading it. (But if you don’t, you might hear or see certain quotes every now and then from arious places.) A reread helps you notice these quotes and who they came from, helps you understand them as well.

From Acomaf reread: There was a few quotes that I wasn’t sure who said them or when. Normally when I first read a book, I don’t pick up on any quotes whatsoever. It’s only through rereads that I realise them and the actual message and power behind them.

You realise the power and message behind each and every line

Not only are you yet again reminded of the hard work the author put into every single word, you are reminded of what each one means and how strong they are. The first time you read a character describing or saying something, you might not get the full force of what they are actually meaning.

From Acomaf reread: I now fully understand why Rhysand got pissed off every now and then. But also why Feyre was so desperate for help. I started to notice how loud her silent pleas where (that was deep).

last one

Because it’s calling out to you!

Rereading a loved book can help in multiple ways. If you have been caught in a sea of bad/ okayish books then a reread of a favourite is always necessary to remind you how good books can be. They can help you get out of your slumps and even focus more on the next book.

If you find yourself reading a book that you aren’t fully into, and you don’t know why, go and reread a favourite. It can help capture your attention and show you its greatness.

From Acomaf reread: Apart from the fact I loved this book the first time I read it, the main reason I reread it was because it was screaming at me from my shelf to be reread. I couldn’t focus on the book I was currently reading without the urge to restart acomaf. It was distracting (a good distraction but still). I needed to reread this book so I could fully give my attention to the next book without feeling I needed to go back to acomaf.

And that’s a wrap!

What is one of your favourite books to reread? I’m always up for a ‘The Assassin’s Blade‘ reread. And now completely willing to reread Acomaf whenever given the chance.

I actually plan on rereading it again in April to help prepare for A Court Of Wings and Ruin!

Until next time,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I really REALLY need to reread ACOMAF! I love your new rating – I think 2 billion trillion stars might just about cover it! 😉


    1. it gets 150% better the second time you read it, if that is even possible.
      the cover is gorgeous!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ash Reads says:

    I love rereading and I totally support it!!! I get why people don’t reread things, but I couldnt NOT reread a book I absolutely love.


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