5 thoughts you had while reading…

Hey Book Nation,

Earlier this month I read Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and I thought I would share with you 5 thoughts I had while reading it. There are spoilers so if you haven’t read it yet, please go and read it then come back. Otherwise continue, i have some page numbers as well included.

my review is here if your interested

1. When you first saw the name ‘Inej’ (page 16)


and had to check it again to make sure that was seriously her name. I went 20% of the book calling her in-jet and in-jit. thankfully someone over on bookstagram sent me a video of Leigh Bardugo pronouncing the name.

2. on page 170 when Kaz RIPS OUT SOMEONE’S EYE!

really Kaz, was it necessary? i’m proud you live up to your name (‘dirtyhands’) but really?

but after you let the grossness settle you just like, ‘okay then.’


but really you’re still wondering:


If you are going to throw him over board anyway, why was there a need to RIP HIS EYE OUT KAZ! I’m still wondering why and occasionally shivering from the grossness. Common Kaz? really?

3. When you first read Inej chapters and start to ship her and Kaz. (page 16 onwards)


I ship it. i ship it. I ship it.

every chapter where the two had conversations with each other the chant ‘I SHIP IT’ repeated non stop in my head.

and when their chapters start to actually say they like each other

3(can’t remember the page) but Kaz’ chapter says he was looking for an excuse to talk to Inej for two days. (This is while they are on the boat.)

4. When the Heist takes a sudden turn


THIS WAS ALL MEANT TO WORK. I swear everything just went wrong, or so it seemed.

This was my feeling whenever someone did something they weren’t meant to do, *cough* Matthias *cough* But it’s all good because he did actually have a plan, I just thought he was being evil.

5. The ending

1I actually love Kaz’s secrecy, it keeps me on edge. But that ending, everything just happened at once. Wylan now looks like someone else, Jesper thinks he can’t be trusted, Nina and the kid are at Hellgates, Kaz has lost Inej, Inej has been taken away, (Matthias is just there). And now they have Peeka’s money. What is Kaz planning?

I need the next book now!

What did you think while you read Six of Crows,

Until next time,


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