Book Review: Ensnared by A.G Howard

“Insanity is the most pristine clarity.”
A.G. Howard, Ensnared

Hey Reader Fans,

I’m back again with another review. This one is for Ensnared by A.G Howard and is a little unusual. I don’t believe there are any spoilers for the previous books in this series except those in the synopsis.


Pages: 304

My Rating: 2.5/5

Release date: 6th January 2015

Series: Final book in the Splintered Trilogy by A.G Howard

Issue: hardcover, borrowed

My thoughts:

1.jpgThis book was good don’t get me wrong. I love the story line, characters and plot. It’s just the writing style that lets me down. It isn’t engaging and didn’t hold my attention for longer than 15 pages at a time. This book took me three weeks to read (i’m pretty sure). and within that time I read two other books.

I normally only read one book at a time, but this one wasn’t holding my attention at all.

I do really think the story was awesome, it was just the writing that was the issue.

2.jpgI recommend this book to anyone who can enjoy this writing style. So i suggest before picking the book up to read a preview of the first book in the series, Splintered. And if you love it, then continue reading.

I also think this book would be great as an audiobook to listen to. While I was reading this book I thought on many occasions to listen to an audiobook version of this but never ended up listening to it. Although, I do think it would have been better listening to it.

As for the characters and plot I loved them. Mor is my favourite, sassy little moth.

My goodread’s review is here

until next time,

(not a really long review because my opinions are really all over the place at the moment, sorry)

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  1. TeacherofYA says:

    I love this series! I’m glad you still liked it!


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