January Wrap Up

January is nearly at a close,

How was your first month of 2017? Mine was incredible. Although the reading aspect was bumpy to say the least.

January summary: The majority of this month was spent in holiday mood for me, with the occasional shopping trip and a little working here and there. I also started a new school year, which is going pretty well so far (although someone should have warned me before hand that physics is basically another maths class).

How my reading went: January was a bit of a roller coaster. The first five books I read were FANTASTIC, I would reread them in a heartbeat. But things went downhill for a while after that. This month has had more books put on the ‘did not finish’ pile than there were books in that pile to begin with (but to be fair I only had one book already in the dnf pile). Thankfully, I was soon blessed with a great book.

here is what I read this month:


Six of Crows [Leigh Bardugo]

4.75/5 stars

I highly recommend this book, even if you have not read the Grisha trilogy first (I didn’t). Hopefully I get to reread this later in the year.


the Assassin and the Princess [Sarah J Maas]

4/5 stars

This was exactly what I needed to calm down my impatience for the final Throne of Glass book.




A Court Of Mist And Fury [Sarah J Maas]

5/5 stars (yet again)

A very necessary reread. Necessary in the way that I could not stop thinking about this book, it was just calling out for a reread. I am so glad that I reread it! It really helped me focus on the next book I read.


Seeing I have a few post about this, I shall share them with you:

First read review

Goodread’s second read review

why you should reread your favourite book

IMG_1398.JPGGlass Sword [Victoria Aveyard]

This book was fantastic! 4.5/5 stars

I preferred this book more than the first, although most people told me beforehand that it would be the other way around. I cannot wait for King Cage, I’ve already preordered it!  #freemare


This Is Where The World Ends [Amy Zhang]

*slow clap, steadily increasing in speed*

5/5 stars. I absolutely
loved this book. I did not expect to at all, but I really did.

goodread’s review is here

After finishing ‘This Is Where The World Ends’ I decided to put three books into the dnf pile (well, I didn’t actually put them on my dnf shelf, because I hate doing that… so they will just remain unread forever). Clearly this was not something every reader wants to do, so I was determined to read a good book following.


Fangirl [Rainbow Rowell]

4/5 and the second contemporary book this month! I always find it so hard to review contemporaries. But if you love reading them then this book is incredible (i’m more of a fan of fantasy myself, but this is one of my favourite contemporaries)

1.jpgHappily Ever After [Kiera Cass]

4/5 stars and an incredible read. I probably would never have picked up this book if a friend didn’t lend it to me. I’m so glad I read it and it was really really good. A nice way to wrap up the selection series

1Rebel of the Sands [Alwyn Hamiltion]


My last read of January was Rebel of The Sands, this book fantastic!!! highly reccomend it!

I think this is my review on goodread’s here (?)

Wow! I read 8 books, well 7 if you count the Assassin and the Princess as a short story and not a book (but i’m not so 8!)

What did you read this month? and how did you like it?

Until next time,


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  1. Rebel of the Sands 2 COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOPDEWOOP!!! Yay! 😀


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