5 fictional characters sailing in our ship of dreams

Hey reader fans,

I will admit, I am in love with shipping book characters (or movie/ tv characters, or people in real life). Here are my five favourite OTP’s


Rysand and Feyre mainly because I can’t go a night without wanting to read ACOMAF. and i’m not even joking when i say, i read a chapter of ACOMAF every night before I go to bed. It doesn’t matter if i’m reading something else, because these two are way to adorable for me.


Next up is Celaena and Rowan. The most kickass couple of them all. I swear if anything happens to one of those two in the next book I will cry for months. I’m still not over the ending of EoS.


Third on the list is Bex and Jack from ‘the anatomical shape of a heart’. they are so perfect for each other and as said in the book, they are a lake for one another. They are a place where the other one can escape reality and just relax. Oh, how I love them!


Four and Tris! I remember reading the first divergent in a day and loving these two together. I haven’t read the last one and I know what happens but I don’t think I will ever be ready to read it.

queen of the books.png

Miles and Alaska. Looking for alaska is one of my favourite books. I pretty much shipped these two right away and will continue to even though certain things happen.

There are plenty more otp’s running around in my head. What are your favourite fictional couples?

until next time reader fans,


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  1. I love shipping book/movie characters so much! ❀ I live for it. My favorite OTPs are Percy and Annabeth, Renn and Torak, Katniss and Peeta, and many, many others.

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    1. I love shipping them too (even if sometimes it leads to a whole lot of emotions)

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    2. I didn’t really ship Katniss and Peeta………But don’t forget SOLANGELO!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. I know!!! After I commented, I was like “OMG, I FORGOT MY FAVORITE SHIP OF ALL TIME! SOLANGELO!!!!”

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      2. Haha SOLANGELO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      3. SOLANGELO IS LIFE!!!!

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      4. AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Percy and Annabeth, Nico and Will, Magnus and Alex, Magnus and Alec, Renn and Torak, Hamilton and Angelica (ok ok I know this is from a musical based on a real person) etc etc +many more


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