5 Thoughts you had while reading…

Hey reader fans,

The name pretty much says it all. But let me explain a little, while reading ย Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy I was overcome with emotions and feels. The amount of times I wanted to laugh or just rip the book apart was far to many… but bere are five feelings you will have while reading Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

(If you have missed my review on this book, you can find it here)


Every single time someone was rude to one of the overweight girls.

And picking on them because of their size or others on their teeth and height.



But everytime one of them came up with an awesome comeback I was like:


When Dumplin’ was embracing her body and wear killer bikini’s (at the beginning of the book) and you wanted to go out and buy a pair for yourself:


At the end of the book when you’re answer to that question was ->->->->

This also is what you did when the mc gets into a relationship, stand up to her mum, apologies to her bestie and competes in the pageant.

Plus when you find out the results for the competition.


And now you have finished your new motto is something along the lines of:

because this book taught you to embrace yourself and that as long as you try your best no one will judge. But also that other people’s opinions don’t matter!

What did you think?

There are plenty more emotions that I can think of… but I liked these gifs so I went with these ones hahaha. Have you read Dumplin’ yet? what did you think?

and also, what book should I do next?

Until next time reader fans,



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