5 side characters who need their own book

Hey reader fans,

As much as I love main characters, there a many side characters that I want to hear from. I feel as if these 5 side characters truly deserve a book to themselves, and not only because I am obsessed with them… but also because I want to get to know them better and would love to see exactly how they saw a certain situation.

Minor spoilers for A Court Of Mist and Fury ahead!


I need to hear from Rhysand. That one chapter at the end wasn’t enough. I need this series done in Rhysand’s point of view and I need it now.

It would be fantastic if he could have his own one. I really want to know what he is thinking, like all the time.

Rhysand has to go through so much in this book he deserves to share his side of the story. I felt so bad when he had to go to the court of nightmares and be the evil version of himself he hates so much. He deserves his own book.queen of the books.png

I get that this book is done in third person so I am seeing a lot that is happening. But it isn’t like the other books in the series where it still switches point of views in a way. This one just follows Celaena, which is great don’t get me wrong. But I really want to hear from Sam or even Sam in third person. I need to know what was going on in his head when the pair went to pirates bay, when they were Celaena was taken away, what he thinks of Lysandra, why he was stupid enough to get killed! damn it Sam!


Still haven’t read the whole series…. But I can tell you Hermione needs her own series. She is the really MC here. She is solving problems left right and center. Besides Lunar she is my favourite.

Hermione deserves a hell of a lot. She solved the poison challenge that they didn’t even bother to put into the movie. She was petrified because she figure out what was going around the school and she has to put up with Ron and Harry. I can’t believe Harry gets all the credit.


Maxon deserves his own book for many reasons. The first being that I love him and he should just have one. The second being he had to put up with America and a whole heap of other teenage girls. Just like everyone else on this list, i want to know what he was thinking. Plus he has a really big role in this book and I don’t see why we should get to see it from his view.


It’s not the same one so don’t stress. I think *holds back vomit* that tamlin deserves his own book *gags*. I know he is a annoying and heartless and a terrible human being. But I think he deserves to share his story.

He went through a lot under the mountain and I think we need to hear from him. i still think he is tool for what he did/ didn’t do but he should tell his side.

I don’t care why he did what he did but she should still be able to hold back feyre’s hair when she is vomitting so he better have a bloody good reason as to why he didn’t

That’s all for this time. Who do you think deserves their own book? I’m sure there are plenty more who should share of the story, so comment down below what you think.

Until next time reader fans,


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    1. No actually I live in Australia

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      1. Cool. That’s part of UK right? I noticed you had the Philosopher’s not Sorcerer’s stone book. In the US it’s the Sorcerer’s stone and the cover is different.

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