Book review: Magic Mirabelle and the riddle of the opium

Hello Book Nation!

On my January tbr I mentioned one of the books I wanted to read in January was Magic Mirabelle and the riddle of the night opium by Manfred. I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of this book to review. However, as my laptop then needed fixing and the school year started, I had to put this book on hold and add it to my February tbr. So now I bring to you, my review:

This book is a paranormal fairytale which I do not have much experience reading in this genre, so I found this rather creepy and strange. I probably will not be reading books like this again… BUT for people who do like paranormal books, I think you would find this book enjoyable.

The characters were completely different to anything I have seen before, most of them were really interesting and always left me in the dark about something.

This book is definitely one that gets better as it goes on. In the beginning I was close to casting the book aside but it does get better as it goes on. However, I did find it hard to give this book a high star rating.

I found myself a little disconnected from the main character in the first third of the book. But as it went on it became more interesting. The reason for this is probably because in the beginning the main character was quite young.
Not to worry, as the book went on the character had a few
birthdays and before halfway she was 16, which made it easier to read. I wasn’t the biggest fan on Mirabelle, the main character, when she was younger but she was more likable later on in the book.

noThere were also some points in the book that had me going, ‘No! stop it. Stop everything and just think it through’ urg! The main character was definitely one that had a habit of putting herself in bad situations by not reading the full terms and conditions!

There isn’t much more to say. While I might not have enjoyed this book, people who enjoy paranormal books might find it interesting.

My goodread’s review is here is you so wish.

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