February wrap up

February done and dusted!

This year has been moving so fast!* and so far I have been knocking books down left, right and center. I don’t know whether I’ve finished more books because I’ve been liking them more or if it’s because I’ve made more time for reading or maybe even because I’ve spent my study periods at school reading instead of studying (oops!)

Whatever reason is fine by me, because I have been loving the majority of books being placed before me.

This month had some new changes, I joined audible (mainly because the first month is free, meaning you get one free audible… and then I found a coupon for another two free audiobooks, so I had three to listen to which was pretty awesome)

Onto the books I read this month:

*please excuse any spelling/ grammar errors, I’m currently writing this at midnight and I’m tired, sorry. And yes I have changed the look of this blog… I was getting a little tired with the old one 🙂

l.JPGThe Crown’s Game [Evelynn Skye]

I started this 5/5 star book in the end of January but finished it on the first of Feburary and so I’ve included in this month’s wrap up. January had a lot of 4.5 rated books from me, but I hadn’t found one (apart from Acomaf) that clearly said ‘I’m worth five stars’ that was until I got to this one. The Crown’s Game, is SPECTACULAR, incredible, amazing and I cannot wait for the second book, The Crown’s Fate.

This is a Fantasy Ya book set in Russia, a story about two enchanters who must battle it out, the winner taking the title of the Emperial enchanter for the Zsar. And the loser is sentenced to death.

My full review is here!

Snow Like Ashes [Sara Raasch]


I listened to the audiobook of this story and absouletly loved it. I ended up giving this book a 5/5 stars and practically decided on that within the first quarter of the novel.

I am not starting the next book, until I get a physical copy of it, because after listening to this one I am really wanting to read it with my own eyes.

mini review can be found here


img_6591Magic Mirabelle and the Riddle of the Night Opium [Manfred]

After not finishing this book in January as  i had hoped I was determined to get it done this month, and so I did.

3 out of 5 stars to this one.

If you are interested in a paranormal fantasy you can see my full review here


1.jpgLegend [Marie Lu]

How long did it take me to read this book you ask… less than 22 hours. Keep in mind I started reading this book at 8pm, factor in sleep and keep in mind the fact that from 6am-4.30pm I am getting ready/ at school/bus.

So yeah, I did indeed stay up until midnight reading this book, it got me just over halfway and then I finished the rest during class like the procastinating person I am.

Either way this book was fabulous and well deserving of 4 stars.

My blog review is coming soon… but in the mean time my goodread’s review is up and read


1.jpgProdigy [Marie Lu]


A 4.5 stars for this lovely second book in a series. This book is extremely easy to get into, making it a quick read. It felt so short, but I guess all good books do.

Just like Legend a full review is on it’s way, but for now here is my goodread’s review



Findi1.jpgng Audrey [Sophie Kinsella]

Seriously guys, I am going to need a little help here… I cannot stop reading. I’ve avoided so much homework and study, this book was not a help to the issue at all.

3.5/5 stars, really fast read and very good.

mini review can be found here


Everything Everything [Nicola Yoon]

This book, although slightly predictable, was incredible and my new favourite contemporary read 5/5 stars.

I suggest not watching the movie trailer first as it is probably what gave most of it away for me. (Also this was one of my audiobooks)

mini review here



Mask of Shaows [Linsey Miller]

3.5/5 stars for this early review-copy of Mask of Shadows. This book was a fast pacing action packed, deadly competition. My fulled review to this book will be out in September. Look out for this book (it’s release is planned for the 5th of September 2017)

A longer review will be out closer, but here is a really short one


Throne of Glass [Sarah J Maas]

Do you expect any less from me??? Of course I had to throw in a book from Sarah J Maas!

This was my third time rereading this book, and I swear this book gets 1000x better with each reread!!!

I have a couple of reviews for this books which can be found here or here

What I didn’t finish this month.

Poison city by Paul Crilley has now joined my dnf pile for the second time and therefore my third challenge in the #tackleyourlibrarychallenge2017 is not complete nor will it be.

–  I did plan to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo this month, but have only read 150 pages so far. I am loving it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not entirely in the mood for it at the moment (do you understand what I mean?)

– My copy of King’s Cage has not arrived yet, which is sort of disappointing… I had pre-ordered this book and yet it wasn’t sent out until two weeks after the release date because the company ran out! (which sort of defeats the whole pre-order thingy)

(I’ve also just started on my fourth book for the #tackleyourlibrarychallenge2017 – Truthwitch by Susan Dennard… this book is going very well so far!!!)

That’s all for February!

I hope you had a good reading month, what was your favourite read??

Until next time,

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