5 Fictional Names I cannot say (or spell) to save myself

Hey Reader Fans,

You might not be aware, but I have a terrible habit of spelling words wrong (whether or not they are book related). How do you spell definetly Ryley? Not how you just did then, thank you spell checker (definitely ryley). I also have a habit of random capital letters, hence why my name didn’t just have a capital and half of my I’s don’t have one. (I’m sorry for my terrible grammar, i might consider working on it)

So that means that when it comes to reading names and places from books i am in a little bit of trouble. Most of the time I just look at the name, eg. Adgaiyfg (and yes i did just hit random letters on the keyboard), and decided his new name is Agator. it’s just how it is sometimes. I know it’s so far off but I can’t help it. It’s stuck in my brain and can’t be changed.


Here are some fictional names that i cannot say or spell for the life of me and even though I know it’s wrong, i cannot help it.

1. Aeedion Ashryver:

‘I think i know who you’re talking about… but isn’t it Aedion?’1

yes it is, good job picking up (if you couldn’t tell it’s meant to be Aedion from the Throne Of Glass Series [Sarah J Maas]). I’m pretty sure in half my reviews i have spelt Aeedion with two e’s. I also pronounce it Aye-dee-on, emphases on the Aye and i have no clue if that is correct. It’s a habit now and I cannot break it. I also have this issue withΒ Lyssandra once again there is no need to have double letters. Her name is only spelt with one ‘s’.

2. Inej:2

How the hell am I supposed to know how to pronounce that. In-Jet? In-Jit? I-ne-Je? Leigh Bardugo what are you doing to me?

When I put it out to the bookstagram community how to pronounce this name, I was lucky enough to have someone send me a video of leigh Bardugo pronouncing the names. Even knowing how to pronounce it correctly, it is edged into my brain this way and it cannot be changed. (If you ever need this video dm me on instagram @_queenofthebooks_ I have the video saved so I can send it to you if you need)

3. Nehemia Ygter:

look at that Ryley, you tried to tell everyone you can’t pronounce Nehemia and you managed to screw up her last name, it’s Ytger by the way.5

Nehemia? hmmm, for a long while i just decided to call her Noumea (which is an island by the way) simply because it started with a N and had the letter m in is. Now i think i can pronounce the first name right (ne-he-mia? ne-hem-mia?) no sorry still confused. But the last name? what? I’m going to go with yogurt but with an r after the o, yorgurt. yeah no, that is definently wrong. (Damn it Ryley! you spelt definitely wrong again? isn’t there like a limit on this sort of thing?)

4. All town names in Fantasy Novels

  • Ravka : Ra.. Rava… Rav.. Ravaka?
  • Dierholm : should I even try?
  • Ardland : for the life of me I cannot say this. When other people say it, it sounds so easy but I always add extra letters in (Ar-da-land)
  • Novyi Zem : was this really necessary Leigh Bardugo


5. A hell of a lot of things from Rebel of the Sands [Alwyn Hamilton]

This book was such a good read, especially me guessing how to pronounce the names. To be honest though, most of them I could get; Amani (although sometimes I add an ‘L’ and make it Almani), Jin, Yasmin and some others. But my main issues where with the Gods and horses etc.

  • Buraqi (The magical horse)
  • Xichian (A language)
  • Commander Naguib
  • Demdji (can’t say cause spoiler and I just can’t pronounce it)

and a few more, that I can’t remember how to spell and can’t find in the book right at this moment.

What about you? Any names you can’t spell or pronounce? Please tell me you are a little bit like me, I’m helpless when it comes to pronouncing names!

I’m probably going to be starting up another list soon, because this was super fun to make!

Until next time,


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  1. I feel your pain. Man, there are so many names in books I can’t pronounce even in my head. The book series that I’m reading now has so many tongue twister names I’ve resorted to just naming the characters myself to keep them straight. My friends who have read the book as well pronounce them with ease, and I can’t even tell which character they’re talking about because I had pronounced it WAY different than they did.

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    1. Just last week I was reading Truthwitch and I had no clue how to pronounce Safiya… I was explaining the plot to my sister and she just goes ‘Are you sure it’s not pronounced …’ and then I felt really stupid because it actually sounded legit compared to my mumble of words.

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