Book Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu

“He is beauty, inside and out.
He is the silver lining in a world of darkness.
He is my light.”

Hello Book Nation,

Have you seen my Legend review? If not, here it is.

This trilogy so far has been incredible, absolutely fantastic. Here is my review of Prodigy, the second book in the series.

There are no spoilers for Legend or this book, except those in the book description.


Pages: 354

My Rating: 4.5/5

Release date: 29th January 2013

Series: Second book in the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

Issue: Paperback, borrowed

My thoughts:

This book was fabulous and now I am slightly annoyed that I didn’t check with the library to see if they had the last book. Because now I am stuck without the third and final book to read for a couple of weeks (The library is going to order it for me, hehehe, I feel so special).

The writing was amazing, even better than last time and just as easy to get into. I found myself wanting to stay up all night to read more of this book and just like last time, found myself avoiding study to read it (someone please help me).

I felt more connected with the characters in this book as we delved further into their past as well as got to see how each character reacts to certain situations. I am afraid to admit that I love Day even more than last time, he is such an amazing character and definitely one of the major reasons I need to get my hands on the next book. June is great too; I do feel like I started to like her character a lot more throughout this book.

The world building was alright, there are still some bits and pieces missing but I suppose that is really part of the mystery behind this novel. You have no idea who is on what team or what his hidden behind closed doors. With that said, I realised a lot more about this world throughout this book and found it incredibly interesting.

For being a book just over 350 pages, it felt a lot shorter, but I guess all good books do. It is such an easy book to read and so entertaining. Not too big of plot twist, but one or two that left me gasping.

In conclusion, this book is just as good as the first book, Legend, probably even better. Have you ever heard about the second book slump, it’s where the second book in a trilogy, (or third/ fourth book in a series) is nowhere near as good as the rest of the series/ trilogy. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN WITH THIS BOOK. I loved it so much, and need need need the next one. Not just because that ending almost left me in tears, but also because I am so attached to these characters that I want more.

Have you read this series, what did you think?

As always, my goodread’s review.

Until next time.



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  1. Hey Riley (that’s your name right haha)
    If you have read Lunar Chronicles I made a tag on my YouTube channel which you might wanna do on your blog. 🙂

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    1. yes it is,
      I will have to check it out, thanks for the tag

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      1. You’re welcome 🙂


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