Book Review: Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

“It won’t be forever. You’ll be in the dark for as long as it takes and then you’ll come out.”

Hey Book Nation,

How? What? How on earth did I just manage to finish this book in 6 hours? I mean yes, it’s possible. But I also ate food in that time and did some other things, like homework etc. (I probably should have done more homework than what I did…. but you know, reading… oops).


Pages: 287

My Rating: 3.5/5

Release date: 9th of June 2015

Series: Stand alone by Sophie Kinsella

Issue: Paperback, borrowed

My thoughts:

Okay so let me begin by saying:

I have never really interacted with someone who has social anxiety (not because I avoid people who have it, just because you don’t usual know most of the time and whenever I do, I just decided to let them take their time) so I am not exactly the right person to tell you whether or not this book fairly portrayed people with this.

However, I really enjoyed this book and found it  very fast read. About a third of the book is written in script form as the main character, Audrey, is filming many events as part of a project. I found these script parts some of the best parts of the book and the funniest.

I found most of the characters likable except two, which really isn’t most but anyways, let me explain.

The mother, was trying to be a good mother I understand, but was also set in her ways and unwilling to see other’s perspectives which does eventually become highly annoying.

and Linus, the love interest, he seemed to want to help Audrey, I do get that, but he wanted to help at such a fast pace it seemed like to much even for me. He was just go, go, go, “you can take your glasses off… no now… why wait… take them off” like settle your petal mate, she wants her glasses on let her leave them on, thank you.

That was another issue of mine, Audrey’s anxiety issues seems to heal instantly when Linus came into the picture, yep on of those books which has the main character sudden;t changed when a love interest comes in, That was a bit dramatic, to me it felt like she changed over night, but to be fair it was actually over many many weeks (it just felt like over night because I read it in one day).

I seriously am going to be so annoyed with myself in a months time when I start to fail assignments, I keep avoiding study and homework to read, oops, (seriously someone help!)

Back to the book: I thought it was pretty good, and very easy to get into. There was a couple of points when it felt repetitive but all in all it was alright. This book is a pretty small book and with the script part for a third of it, it’s even smaller and quicker to read. So if you ever find yourself waiting for your next book to arrive, have a look for this one.

As always my goodread’s review,

Until next time,


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  1. Hey Riley, do you know Hamilton? I am trying to find SOMEONE, anyone who knows/likes it. Most ppl I know hate it. 😦


    1. i do know Hamilton, I love it!

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      1. YAYYYYYYYYYYY I DO TOO!!! finally someone else…….


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