The Lunar Chronicle Book Tag

Hello everyone,

Have you read The Lunar Chronicles before? This series was one of the first series I ever finished, I absolutely loved it and hopefully will reread it one day.

I was tagged by Candy Pencil on youtube, who you might know as inkgirlandwordsย to do The Lunar Chronicle book tag, you can find her video on this tag here. I tag you all, here it goes.

#1: Favorite character(s)?

Winter is without a doubt my favourite character in this book, she is so adorable and cute! I wish she had more time in the series.

#2: Favorite ship?

My favourite ship would beย Thorn and Cress, I just love how cute they are together!

#3: Favorite book?

Winter is my favourite book in this series. I actually think this series got better with every book. So my order in favourites is; Winter, Cress, Scarlet and then Cinder

#4: Favorite cover?

What? WInter being another favourite? I know, I can’t help it! The cover is gorgeous, I honestly can’t get enough of Winter’s cover.

#5: Favorite story that the 4 are based on?

Cinderella is actually my favourite fairytale, so Cinder it is! But I also think the way Snow White is shown throughout Winter is amazing.

#6: Which character inspired you most?

I think Scarlet is definitely a inspirational character, she is so bad-ass while still caring about her family and friends.

#7: Which character do you most resemble?

Ummm… me??? I actually think I have a part of all of them in me. WInter’s creativity and imagination, Cress’ optimism and love of love, Scarlet’s ‘get things done’ attitude and Cinder’s leadership.

#8: Have you read Heartless by Marissa Meyer?

No I haven’t, but I plan to!!! I promise I will read it later this year, it is at my library so I will get to it.

I feel like I need to go back and reread this series it feels like I haven’t read them in ages, I just want to re-enter the world of TLC.

What are your thoughts on The Lunar Chronicles?

Until next time,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cool! I really enjoyed reading your answers. Yes, WInter is amazing! The cover is just gorg! And I loved the SNow White through WInter as well!


  2. omg why do I keep typing WInter? lol


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