King’s Cage By Victoria Aveyard – Book Review

You are steel… steel does not break or bend

I stayed up very late to finish this book,

So yes, this is another review written in the middle of the night with little sleep… so please don’t judge me on my yet again terrible descriptions and spelling.

To begin I need to say that this review May contain spoilers for Red Queen and Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. In fact I’m almost 100% sure I’m going to have a spoiler so if you haven’t read those two books yet, please do!

Also I must say, this book is 300x better than the first two in the series in my opinion so please please please read it!

Moving on… If you are fairly new to my love of Red Queen you might not know of my love of Evangeline. She has been my favourite character since day one of this journey and that did not change much at all throughout King’s Cage. Except of course she is now Leaps and Bounds ahead of everyone due to the fact she is just utterly amazing.

  • Evangeline gets her own points of view chapters in this book
  • Major character development
  • Incredible wardrobe choices
  • Lovely quotes (ie, the one above about steel)
  • Inspires me to be a ruthless bad ass with a ‘get things done’ attitude
  • SHE IS GAY! When I found this out I literally had to read the sentence three times over, Oh Evangeline, you slay me.
  • She is protective of her brother and even has a nickname for him.

Okay so now that my mini review on Evangeline is done, I shall continue.

There are three points of view in this book; Cameron, Mare and Evangeline. As much as I love Evangeline, Mare’s chapters where my favourite (particularly the ones that involved Evangeline). Cameron’s chapters weren’t necessarily my favourite, but there wasn’t much from her anyways, mostly Mare.

I feel as if the writing of this book has majorly stepped it up from the previous two books. Where I found the first two books sort of kinda hard to keep motivated in reading, this one was super easy. It was almost as if a whole other author came and wrote the book. Yes there was still heaps that resembled the previous two books but it was a massive step up, I think. (I shall compare it to the glo up from Acotar to Acomaf).

I found the plot of this book to be amazing and was one of the reasons I found it really easy and fast to read. Although, I must admit, if you do hate eve the slightest bit of repetition then this book might bug you a little. And by slightest I mean so small you might not even notice it. I want to explain it but then I will spoil stuff, so I shall keep it to myself.

I think that the lengths of the chapters was about a medium size, they didn’t feel as long as the first two books chapter’s did, but I do think they are, roughly 15 pages each.

The only part of the book I did not enjoy to the fullest, was any battle scene, not because of how they were written, but just because I don’t actually enjoy battle scenes. My brain is just not ready to process the intensity of fight scenes. Other than that, I loved loved loved this book. Within the first three chapters I had predicted this book would be a 5 star book, and I was spot on.

This book was incredible and probably my favourite read of March, and most certainly one of my top 5 so far this year.

Have you read this book? Please let me know below what you thought! Or message me on instagram @_queenofthebooks_ I am always up for a chat!!!

Until next time,

Here is my goodread’s review if you wish to read it


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