April TBR

I honestly cannot believe that it is April!

For the first two weeks of April, I am on school holidays! No, I’m not going anywhere (that I’m aware of haha) but I do have to work a little bit and my older sister is coming home!!!! But seeing I don’t have school, I do have some high hopes for my reading this month, also considering the first two weeks back at school I will have study periods and nothing to study so I can get more reading done, yay!!!!

So what do I plan on reading this month???

First I am aiming to finish Descendants [Rae Else], I don’t have much of it left seeing I started it the last day of March and it’s only 210 pages. I will probably we able to get it done today!

Once that is done, I am planning on reading Air and Ash [Alex Lidell]. This is the first of two books (I’m pretty sure it is two at least). I read a prequel novella for this series in March and fell in love. It was so beautifully written and I cannot wait to dive back into the world. This book comes out in May and myself along with some other bookstagramers have teamed up with the author and there might just be a giveaway in the works!

I have also joined a ACOTAR/MAF reread [Sarah J Maas] (in preparation for A Court Of Wings And Ruin), I am joining @chapter.chat on Instagram, which basically has sorted everyone who wants to participate into groups where we can discuss as we read along. And as far as my memory serves, I’m pretty sure it’s around three chapters a day. So please join in, you can either be rereading it or reading for the first time J

^Also on the ACOTAR/MAF note, if you are reading it for the first time or rereading it, please feel free to message me on Instagram @_queenofthebooks_ I am always open to discussing any books and chatting about our favourite characters and plot predictions (as well as anything else in general)^

Normally, I would only set a month goal of 4 books… but seeing I hope to have more time to read this month, I am also going to add in Harry Potter #3 & #4 [J.K Rowling]. I’m pretty sure number 4 is part of my #tackleyourlibrary2017 challenge… and I sort of need to read the third one to get to the fourth haha.

That’s it! Hopefully I can read six books, fingers crossed!

What else do I plan to do this month?

Camp Nanowrimo!

Yep, I have joined camp nanowrimo in hope of finishing the book I am writing called Dieheart.

And while on holidays I hope to take heaps of photos for bookstagram (hopefully enough to last the next term of school, so I won’t have to stress to much)

I also plan on writing some more blog post which will then come out over the next term at school. If you have any ideas, tags, or things you want to see/read about, let me know and I will get right onto it!

A couple of things to look out for this month

  • As mentioned earlier, they may be a giveaway coming soon on bookstagram including Air and Ash [Alex Lidell] as far as I am aware it will be happening (but please don’t take my word as 100% true because I am not entirely sure about all the details or when it will be happening}
  • Kieran Scott is releasing Pretty Fierce on the fourth of this month, so make sure to watch out for it, (you can see my review here), and guess what!!! I actually am part of a blog tour!!! What? I know, I actually almost died when I found out. So because of that, a couple of days after the release, I will get to post an Q&A with Kieran Scott! (Hopefully the questions I asked are ones you like, also here might be a giveaway as part of that (once again not entirely sure, but be on the watch))


Okay, I think I am now done.

What are you planning on reading this month? Are you reading the ACOTAR series?? Also what are your monthly happenings???

Until next time,


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  1. Harry Potter 4 is my fave from the whole series but I love all the books. I think you should read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, it’s really good, and only like 200 pages. Look into it. https://www.amazon.com/Speak-Laurie-Halse-Anderson/dp/0312674392/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1491046425&sr=8-1&keywords=speak+laurie+halse+anderson It’s super good and ony 5 dollars, at least on Amazon, but yeah, real good book! My TBR is finish Alexander Hamilton, and read Kingdom Keepers: The Return #2, Soul Eater by Michelle Paver (I really really wanna buy this!) Armageddon’s children by Terry Brooks, and try to read the Last of the Mohicans cause my mom got it for me for xmas. (she likes classics)

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    1. I will definitely have a look at it! I hope you enjoy all of those books!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope so too, I really don’t like getting dissapointed in books 😦


    1. Yes, I do have pinterest, I will add you now

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