A Court Of Thorns and Roses || Reread and discussion

Here is a quickie on the chapters for each day if you want to join:

APRIL 5: CHAPTERS 13 – 15 (discussion here)
APRIL 6: CHAPTERS 16 – 18 (discussion here)
APRIL 7: CHAPTERS 19 – 21 (discussion here)
APRIL 8: CHAPTERS 22 – 24 (discussion here)
APRIL 9: CHAPTERS 25 – 27 (discussion here)
APRIL 10: CHAPTERS 28 – 30 (discussion here)
APRIL 11: CHAPTERS 31 – 33 (discussion here)
APRIL 12: CHAPTERS 34 – 36 (discussion here)
APRIL 13: CHAPTERS 37 – 39 (discussion here)
APRIL 14: CHAPTERS 40 – 42 (discussion here)
APRIL 15: CHAPTERS 43 – 46 (discussion here)

Today I read chapter 1-3

and so here is the discussion and/ or review:

These do include spoilers for chapters 1-3!!!

First off the scene in the woods to start off, every single time I read this chapter (which has now been three times) I get the urge to start writing my own book and editing it, purely because I love how everything is written, it is so descriptive and it makes me want to write.

I do believe SJM has said that this chapter was inspired by a certain ballet, I can’t remember what it is but when I found out a while ago I wanted a video of it on instagram. And I really love what it turned out to be in this chapter.

As this is a reread, I am noticing a lot of little hints Sarah dropped here and there, I won’t spoil anything because some people might not have read ACOMAF yet, but I will just point of certain moments.

  • How the wolf looks at Feyre before it dies

Now that I know more about the wolf, I really love how SJM talks about how the wolf looks at Feyre

I know Elain and Nesta are Feyre’s sister,

but I honestly hate how they just let Feyre go into the woods alone, same goes for her father. She is the youngest! She shouldn’t being going out there, especially not alone. I get that they do need food, but can’t all three girls go out. It would be safer (I think, I’m not an experienced hunter) if they went together. And if it isn’t actually safer (cause now that I think of it, it would be easier to stay silent alone), they could at least take turns hunting.

The Markets,

there is a line in chapter three,

“One of the high fae could turn your bones to dust from a hundred yards away.”

I shall continue my promise not to spoil anything….

But can we all just take that in, A hundred yards away (oh hold on, I don’t actually know how far away that is, to google!) 91 meters away! I’m going to round up and say 100m away because it works better for my runners brain.

100m is a long distance, it doesn’t sound like much, but that ish take Usan bolt 9.58seconds to run. That is a very long distance, I can barely make out what a person is wearing from a hundred meters away, let alone turn their bones to dust.

I can’t believe I almost forgot

The paintings, The paintings, The paintings, The paintings, The paintings, The paintings, The paintings,

What sorry, was I not clear? THE PAINTINGS!!!!

Everyone take note (yes, grab that pen and write it down, I don’t care if there is no paper, write it on your leg)

  • Elain’s draws = flowers
  • Nesta’s draws = fire
  • Feyre’s draws = stars

Okay, now I am going to come back and reference this point throughout this period of reviews and discussions, and when it comes back to my theory session, okay? okay.


How awesome is it that Feyre can paint?

I think that is all the points I wanted to mention today, I am actually a day behind but ah well, you might hear from me again tonight if I read the next three chapters.

Please please please please, chat to me about acotar or acomaf if you are reading/rereading these books this month!!!

Until next time,


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  1. ausfangirl says:

    I’m doing a retread of ACOTAR myself and all your points are so right! The paintings were like a omg moment for me. I’m looking forward to reading all your thoughts throughout the rest of the book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!!! I hope you love it just as much as you did the first time. Every time I notice something small that is big later on, I gasp. SJM is the goddess of foreshadowing.
      I’m glad to here your looking forward to the rest of my thoughts! let me know any of yours as you read it to!


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