A Court Of Thorns and Roses || Reread and discussion [7-9]

Here is a quickie on the chapters for each day if you want to join:

APRIL 5: CHAPTERS 13 – 15 (discussion here)
APRIL 6: CHAPTERS 16 – 18 (discussion here)
APRIL 7: CHAPTERS 19 – 21 (discussion here)
APRIL 8: CHAPTERS 22 – 24 (discussion here)
APRIL 9: CHAPTERS 25 – 27 (discussion here)
APRIL 10: CHAPTERS 28 – 30 (discussion here)
APRIL 11: CHAPTERS 31 – 33 (discussion here)
APRIL 12: CHAPTERS 34 – 36 (discussion here)
APRIL 13: CHAPTERS 37 – 39 (discussion here)
APRIL 14: CHAPTERS 40 – 42 (discussion here)
APRIL 15: CHAPTERS 43 – 46 (discussion here)

Chapters 7-9,

Spoilers ahead for ACOTAR chapters 1-9


I do think the first and second time I read this book I didn’t like Lucien all too much, but now I am sort of starting to see where he is coming from. Yes he is annoying sometimes and he could be a little nicer, I do also understand now that he is acting this was for a certain reason (that will come up later on).

I also think he is pretty funny, in a snarky kind of way. It isn’t that he has awesome comebacks or anything, just that he knows what to say in order to get a certain reaction out of people.

In chapter 9, Feyre asks Lucien about his power, and he doesn’t give an exact answer. Instead he says that he can’t shape-shift or crush someones mind from a hundred yards (91m… I remember from yesterday) away. He also adds that the high fae don’t have set powers like the lesser fae… so I’m curious to see what his power really is. I know a certain ability he has, as it is in ACOMAF, but I want to know the extend in which is power go. I wouldn’t have normally noticed this, but I’ve read a lot of things on pinterest about the possible strength of Lucien’s powers, and am very interested to see.


I know Tamlin is trying hard to be Feyre’s “friend” but can he just leave her alone for a little bit. I need him to just let her be and wonder through the forest for a little while, without him coming up behind her and asking if she wants a tour of the house. I understand he is trying to be nice, but just because he doesn’t have the claws out, doesn’t mean Feyre is not afraid of him. He just needs to give her a little break for a moment.

On the note of Tamlin, I’d like to point out that when Feyre turned up for the first night dinner, one of the only things Tamlin had to say, was that Feyre was not wearing a dress. She is not your play doll Tamlin, leave her alone, she should be able to wear pants if she wants! *takes a deep breathe* sorry about that little rant, haha.

But it this moment, does always make me notice the way Tamlin acts and what he values.

The Blight,

I forgot that Feyre knew about the magic happenings so early on in the book, she doesn’t know everything right know, ie; who ‘her’ is. But she does know that the Blight is cruel and makes them all wear mask.

I’m curious as to why Lucien’s mask is a fox. Tamlin’s represents his beast form, the stable boys have horses, most of the maids have birds. So why did Lucien pick a fox??? Maybe because he has red hair (?) I’m probably just over analyzing everything, but I think there is much more to Lucien that we don’t know yet.

That’s all for today,

What did you think about these chapters?

Until tomorrow,


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