A Court Of Thorns And Roses || Reread and discussion [13-15]

Here is a quickie on the chapters for each day if you want to join:

APRIL 5: CHAPTERS 13 – 15 (discussion here)
APRIL 6: CHAPTERS 16 – 18 (discussion here)
APRIL 7: CHAPTERS 19 – 21 (discussion here)
APRIL 8: CHAPTERS 22 – 24 (discussion here)
APRIL 9: CHAPTERS 25 – 27 (discussion here)
APRIL 10: CHAPTERS 28 – 30 (discussion here)
APRIL 11: CHAPTERS 31 – 33 (discussion here)
APRIL 12: CHAPTERS 34 – 36 (discussion here)
APRIL 13: CHAPTERS 37 – 39 (discussion here)
APRIL 14: CHAPTERS 40 – 42 (discussion here)
APRIL 15: CHAPTERS 43 – 46 (discussion here)

Chapters 13-15

spoilers ahead for ACOTAR chapters 1-15

Just as a little piece of information that might brighten your day somehow, I’ve been going to gym for the passed three days. The first two days were mainly cardio and a few weightish things, but today was pure weight and now I actually cannot sit still or move without something hurting. But (here is the brightening part), I figured I will just pretend I am a fae warrior in training as motivation.

Okay so onto the book

Part of me kind of forgot whether Feyre started to read in this book or the next one, Luckily that was cleared up for me in chapter 13 and 14. I’m so excited for what happens soon.

I also would like to mention, that my mind is still looking for connections to this amazing theory I read the other day (won’t tell you about it until after the acomaf discussion) but let me just point out that in today’s chapters Feyre found a mural in the study. This mural was pretty much a painted version of the history of their world. It all started with a witch (I believe) who had slender hands (because details are necessary) pouring the contents of a cauldron onto the world (which was starry night).

Two of my theories have to do with that little scene thingy there, one about Feyre and one about another character/event in the next book… I’ll tell you about then at a later date.

Also, my memory failed to do it’s job and remember that Lucien does actually help Feyre find the suriel. I knew he did help with the chicken sich but I totally forgot that she went to his room to ask for help.

That part of the book was actually pretty funny, it reminds me of my older sister who annoyed every teacher she had in high school by saying ‘hypothetically…..’

Lucien’s room is decorated mainly as autumn, so I guess foxes are sort of linked with autumn. I get the kind of autumny vibe of foxes, I guess.

okay, what else happened. Oh yes more theory parts (I’m sorry, tumblr and me are very good friends when it comes to acowar theories). The Suriel says Stay with the high lord. Now we are all aware that Tamlin is a high lord. BUT!!! does that necessarily mean he is the high lord the suriel is speaking of??? But then again the suriel then says at the end of their meeting Return to the high lord. I I kinda guess she can’t ‘return’ to a high lord she hasn’t met yet. (unless he is meaning to separate things (sorry theory mood is turned on from now on in these discussions))

Also! Feyre has managed to trap a suriel, which I do believe lucien said a couple of chapters ago, he has never caught one before (could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that happened). More theory stuff comes in here to say that feyre is Something. plus she managed to kill two nagas. I’m going to go as far to say, that would be hard to do.

Okay, sorry about all the theory stuff (not really actually #sorrynotsorry)

I hope it wasn’t to hard to understand, If i actually went back for once and checked through it, I’m sure it would be somewhat better haha

Until next time,

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