Windwitch By Susan Dennard

“It is always easier to blame gods or legends than it is to face our own mistakes.”

What’s up witchlings?

It may have taken a while but Windwitch is finally finished! I think the reason why it took so long to get done was a combination of okayish first 90 pages and exhaustion.

The first 90 pages of this book took me a long, long, long time to read. It took me two weeks to read 90 pages, usually in a week I can read 500 pages. So if I do my little math calculations over here, I was reading at less than 10% my usual speed.

I actually found myself not wanting to read over those two weeks, and I think it was because I was so exhausted from school and test, that my time on the bus I wanted to spend listening to music and sleeping, not reading.

It was also partly because the first 90 pages are full of catch up from Truthwitch and a whole lot of world building.

But after I made it past 90 pages, I started to really enjoy the book. A lot of things started to happen that made sense and the characters just became a whole lot more likable.


I had a few feelings character over characters from the last book:

  • Safi is amazing and we all must praise her
  • Aeudan has stepped it up a lot

To expand, Safi was incredible in this book, not just what she did but just because she was interesting. I loved her parts in this book and found her journey throughout this whole novel to be the most intriguing, at page 90 her parts were the only reason I was continuing for.

Also Aeudan is a whole lot cooler than he was last book, just putting it out there.

Along with the main crew, some of the old characters came into play. However, the majority of them I did not remember and just pretended to know who they were when they appeared. This book has so many characters and points of views it’s hard to keep up.

There were also some new characters and in advance, Owl is the cutest thing I have ever meet/ read about, she is adorable. I want a book just about her. And no, unfortunately that isn’t actually her name, we are just calling her that for the time being. And too be clear, she is a six year old girl who is the purest creature on earth (not really, but anyways…)


I do feel like the writing was better than in Truthwitch, but still rather slow in the beginning. And the plot is a lot more interesting in Windwitch also. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book, especially with Safi!

Although the first 90 pages were kinda soul sucking, I did really enjoy the rest of this book and am settling on 4/5 stars, yes I know, I’m probably being a bit too easy, but you haven’t meet Owl yet, she is worth 10 stars all together!

Some people get attached to pets in books, I get attached to adorable six year olds with names like Owl, I mean, Owl! I can’t even think of a better name right now! She has officially become my new favourite character ever, even if she was only in three or so chapters.

What are your thoughts on Windwitch?

any ideas on what the title of the next book will be? I’m thinking Bloodwitch, Voidwitch or Cleaverwitch.

My goodread’s review is here,

Until next time


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