A Court Of Thorns And Roses || Reread and Discussion [16-18]

Here is a quickie on the chapters for each day if you want to join:

APRIL 5: CHAPTERS 13 – 15 (discussion here)
APRIL 6: CHAPTERS 16 – 18 (discussion here)
APRIL 7: CHAPTERS 19 – 21 (discussion here)
APRIL 8: CHAPTERS 22 – 24 (discussion here)
APRIL 9: CHAPTERS 25 – 27 (discussion here)
APRIL 10: CHAPTERS 28 – 30 (discussion here)
APRIL 11: CHAPTERS 31 – 33 (discussion here)
APRIL 12: CHAPTERS 34 – 36 (discussion here)
APRIL 13: CHAPTERS 37 – 39 (discussion here)
APRIL 14: CHAPTERS 40 – 42 (discussion here)
APRIL 15: CHAPTERS 43 – 46 (discussion here)

Chapters 16-18

Spoilers ahead for ACOTAR chapters 1-18

Once again with the theories (maybe I should just rename this kind of post and start calling it ‘ACOTAR theories with Ryley, where she won’t actually tell you the theory but just point out the smallest parts of theories she has heard’. Sounds good to me

I am actually sorry that I sort of suck at explaining myself, but it makes sense inside my head at the time I write these things.

Onto my first annoying theory point. In chapter 16 (I believe, terrible memory right here, I only just finished these three chapters), Alis tells Feyre she now takes care of her sisters sons (aka her nephews) and Feyre wonders if they were the silver things she saw in the gardens a couple of days ago. THE ANSWER IS NO, SO WHAT ARE THE SILVER THINGYS!!! there are two of them, not one. And I know something happens later on, but I’m fairly certain that creature is not this silver thing.

Also, what was I doing the past two times I read this book, Lucien is amazing, I want to be Lucien. He is sort of constantly there only to leave and make Feyre feel akward. Feyre wants to go on a ride with Lucien. Nope. Think again, Lucien is unavailable, go with Tamlin. Lucien is basically trying to set them up and I think it’s hilarious.

Everyone who has not read past chapter 18 of acotar get a pen and make a note if you will.

  • Suriels can be captured by either a chicken or a new coat (Alis said so)
  • Also, no one believes Feyre could catch one because they are incredibly hard to catch

I also had another thought about Feyre (not someone elses theory this time, but my own). Feyre wakes up after killing the naga and says she dreamed of a faceless women slicing her throat (something like that), but she had bloodred nails… I think this is meaning someone later on in the book, but I will just wait to see…

Did anyone else really want Feyre to drink some of the starlight from that river, because I did. Feyre, you ruined your chances to be forever happy god dammit.

I also think her feelings for Tamlin are growing, but…. I’d like to point out, that in every scene with Tamlin, he finds it hard to control his shifting aka his anger. He needs to get his act together calm the hell down, can’t have no angry high lord messing around with Feyre’s happiness.

That Lesser Fae with the wings! Oh my poor baby!!! *cries forever* I was actually on the verge of crying when I read this, and I don’t know why exactly, I didn’t cry the passed two times I read about it and this time it isn’t even as if I’m connecting more with the characters, I’m just tearing the book down bit by bit to give you all a hardly understandable analysis.

Until next time,


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