A Court Of Thorns And Roses || Reread and Discussion [19-21]

Here is a quickie on the chapters for each day if you want to join:

APRIL 5: CHAPTERS 13 – 15 (discussion here)
APRIL 6: CHAPTERS 16 – 18 (discussion here)
APRIL 7: CHAPTERS 19 – 21 (discussion here)
APRIL 8: CHAPTERS 22 – 24 (discussion here)
APRIL 9: CHAPTERS 25 – 27 (discussion here)
APRIL 10: CHAPTERS 28 – 30 (discussion here)
APRIL 11: CHAPTERS 31 – 33 (discussion here)
APRIL 12: CHAPTERS 34 – 36 (discussion here)
APRIL 13: CHAPTERS 37 – 39 (discussion here)
APRIL 14: CHAPTERS 40 – 42 (discussion here)
APRIL 15: CHAPTERS 43 – 46 (discussion here)

Chapters 19-21

Spoilers ahead for ACOTAR chapters 1-21!!!

So some pretty big things happened these three chapters.

Shall I start with the Attor? I’m going to start with the Attor. Now I know that the silver things Feyre saw in the garden was not the Attor, because she could not see the Attor at all this time, though, that could just be because of Tamlin’s glamour. BUT ANOTHER ADDITION TO MY THEORY (well someone else’s that I’ve hijacked), Feyre was able to paint the Attor even though she never saw it, I do believe she saw it’s wings though. But how whole Feyre be able to paint it if she has never seen it before??? (oh my goodness, I actually think I know why, but I will have to save it for the acomaf discussions)

Also it is possible that the silver people where fae like those at Fire night. Seeing Feyre now knows that most of the fae are glamoured so she can only kind of see them from the corner of her eyes, not directly. But the silver people are only waist high (I believe). I will figure out who these are, I will not give up.

Along with Fire night. Some interesting things happened with Tamlin and Feyre that night. And yes, I am well aware that what Tamlin did was done with no consent and a terrible thing. I am also in no way defending what he did when I say, He was sort of possessed (???) and before that night had always been described as going to touch Feyre’s cheek but then not. SO I don’t know, I still think it was terrible of him.

Edit involving spoilers from chapter 22:

Okay, so Tamlin completely blows this off and acts like it’s Feyre’s fault he did what he did. Ummmmm no…. it doesn’t work that way Tamlin. He does apologies later on in the chapter though, even though it doesn’t exactly take things back

Off the topic of Tamlin, and onto *name I just wrote out and then realised we do not know his name* the stranger who is described as having night roll of of him and looks as if he was made of starlight… hmmmm, have I or have I not been point out all the night time references this entire series of discussions…

I think this guy is really cool (and yes I thought that the first time to). He pretty much saved Feyre from those other buffoons and then had a little chat and sent her on her way. Although, part of me wants to know what would have happened if Feyre took him up on his offer to take her somewhere (a small part, would he have walked her back to the mansion???????) I’m am a creature made of curiosity and he is a high fae made of night time.

what else, what else, what else?? I think that is sort of it really.

Until next time,


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