Author Q&A: Kieran Scott (Blog Tour + Giveaway)

Pretty Fierce by Kieran Scott has got to be one of my favourite books I’ve read this year! It was released just a few days ago, so make sure you look out for it (see my review here). Thank you so much Kieran for stopping by my blog to do this fun Q&A.

Book Description:

9781492637981-PR.jpgTitle: Pretty Fierce

Author: Kieran Scott

Pub Date: April 4, 2017

An action-packed, edge-of-your-seat novel about a teen who, when backed into a corner, fights back, from the author of What Waits in the Woods

Kaia has been on the run her whole life. The daughter of professional assassins, she knows danger—and she’ll do anything to survive. After her parents vanished during a job gone bad, Kaia’s spent the last year in hiding, trying to blend in as an ordinary teenager, and there’s no one who makes her feel more normal, more special, than her boyfriend, Oliver.

But when she’s attacked by someone from her mother’s past and Oliver catches her fighting back, Kaia’s secret is exposed. In a split-second decision, she flees the small town, taking Oliver with her. Stalked at every turn, Oliver and Kaia must protect each other…or die trying.

About the Author:

a.jpgKIERAN SCOTT is the author of several acclaimed young adult novels, including the Non-Blonde Cheerleader trilogy, the He’s So/She’s So trilogy, and Geek Magnet. She also wrote the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Private and Privilege series under the pen name Kate Brian. She is a senior editor at Disney/Hyperion and resides in New Jersey with her family. Visit

Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | Kobo | iTunes | Indiebound

Author Q&A:

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an author and editor who lives in New Jersey with my husband and my two sons. I’ve published over sixty novels for young adults under my own name and my pen name, Kate Brian, plus I’ve done a ton of ghost writing and book doctoring and written a lot of nonfiction as well. Right now I’m very much into writing action and romance for some reason, but it seems to be working, so I’ll go with it. If I’m not writing I’m either hanging out with my family, baking or working out to burn the calories from all the baking.

  1. What inspired you to write this book?

I had a dream about Chris Hemsworth and when I woke up I wrote down the basic premise of what was then titled RUN. It was about a boy who is on the run from drug dealers and ends up taking his girlfriend with him because she’s in danger if she stays behind. Obviously, it changed a little from the first iteration. In the dream, I was Chris’s girlfriend, but I couldn’t kiss him in public because if people knew we were together, my life was at stake. That’s the first time a dream ever inspired a novel!

  1. How long did it take you to write this book?

It took about a year from first having the idea to completing what I would say was a good draft.

  1. Where there any alternative endings you were considering?

I can’t really get into details without spoiling the ending, but there were some people who were originally supposed to die who ended up not dying.

  1. Are you writing anything now?

Yes! I’m working on a story that’s about a family that suffers a devastating loss, but later finds out that another member of the family might have been responsible.

  1. Where is your favourite place to write?

Anywhere I can find the time! I probably get the most done when I have a few minutes in my home office, which is bright and sunny and painted a very soothing shade of green. But with my insane schedule, I’m more often writing on the go. At my kids’ baseball practice, their tae kwon do lessons, in between watching Big Little Lies and passing out a night . . . .

  1. Can you describe your book in three words?

Girl is hunted.

  1. Do you have any unique/ quirky writing habits?

I almost never end a scene the first time I write a scene. There’s a writers device we use when we can’t think of something or want to come back and fix something. We type in TK for “to come.” Almost every scene or chapter I write inititally ends with the line “REALLY COOL ENDING TK” I hate writing endings.

  1. What is your favourite trait of Kaia?

I love how much Kaia believes in herself and her instincts. She makes a decision, she acts on it. That’s why it’s so difficult for her to have Oliver on this road trip with her, because she realizes that she can’t make decisions on her own anymore—she has this other person to consider.  And that kind of messes with her mojo.

  1. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Read as much as you possibly can in every genre you can get your hands on. It not only builds your vocabulary and your literacy, but it builds your understanding of the world. You might find out there are styles of writing you love that you otherwise never would have known existed. It helps you find your voice, to read and hear as many other voices as you possibly can.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sourcebooks is giving away two copies of Pretty Fierce by Kieran Scott (I am in no way responsible for this giveaway). This giveaway is only open to the US and Canada, click the link to head to the giveaway.

Thanks for sharing Kieran Scott, and congratulations on your new book!

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  1. That’s cool she did a QnA I wanna read this book now!


    1. I honestly can’t believe she did one. But and so glad I got to be a part of this 😁 I read the book in one day, it is incredible!

      Liked by 1 person

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