…. And now I want to be Inej || Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo review

All I know is that men like you don’t deserve the air they breathe

Why do books constantly feel the need to have badass female characters that make me want to be them????

I mean, I love it, I’m perfectly okay for authors to continue this current them. I’m just curious as to why, mainly because it’s getting a little hard for me to try and attempt to be Evangeline, Celaena, Winter, Manon and now Inej, haha.

*Collects thoughts*

I shall try not to make this entire review on how much I love Inej (because two nights ago I wrote a review on King’s cage and the entire thing was on how much I love Evangeline, #sorrynotsorry) I will save the Inej showcase to the end.

I am giving this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

Okay, calm down, I know it took me a month and twelve days to read this book, I am very aware of this fact. Let me explain though; When I started reading this book, I decided I was not going to let my school bag ruin my perfectly perfect book, meaning I would not bring it to school, meaning I would basically have no time to read it seeing the majority (pretty much 98%) of my reading is done on the bus. Eventually this lead to me not picking the book up and it being cast to the side in a momentary pause while I read a few other books. At this point i was around 150 pages.

But then… My kindle went flat and wouldn’t charge one day so i picked it up again! and then I had it finished in two days!Β I repeat, I finished it in two days!

Shall I tell you why? (I’m going to so just nod along):

  • Plot line is golden
  • Never read anything Like this before
  • Plot twist at every corner
  • I can seriously tell how much hard work Leigh Bardugo mus have put into this book. Every single detail was done so well
  • I love all of the characters (I’ll explain further later)
  • My emotions where everywhere
  • Character development was incredible
  • World building is awesome
  • Hilarious
  • Intense
  • Intriguing
  • Bad Ass motivational characters (aka, Inej)
  • Literally everything else that makes a good book happened


Okay… So here is the part where I tell you about all the hilarious and motivational things these characters did.

All of these characters went through major character development and they were all incredible and sort of wanted to make me cry (because they were beautiful).

I cannot form into words the motivation Inej has given to me. I seriously, I just can’t. Everything Inej has been through in her life, to still be able to show courage and determination, she is honestly my favourite character right now of all times.

But as a whole, the crows team is incredible. I love how no matter what, everyone in this group can manage to sneak in a snarky comment in a life or death situation. Currently in the middle of being chased by people with guns? Spot someone you met a long time ago? Why not stop for a little chat? While you are at it, make a waffles reference and then continue on your way.

The waffle references, where do I start with these waffles. If you life food (mainly waffles) this book is one for you, these references aren’t made often, but when they are they are hilarious!

and so are the moments when one of the crows is being threatened and instead of worrying about their safety, they find ways in which to find flaws in the threat itself:

“I am going to turn your teeth inside out”
“That is physically impossible”

Okay so the Plot:

*Spoilers for Six of Crows be warned*

Based on the above spoiler warning I am assuming you have read Six of Crows, if not, look away now as i am going to spoil the ending in




Crooked Kingdom starts of with a rescue mission for Inej which is also part of a much bigger plan to get Kaz back his money (by now we should all know of Kaz’s loveΒ for Inej of money). Just like in Six Of Crows, this book leaves you in the dark about most things… BUT THAT IS THE GOOD PART OF THE BOOK, all the foreshadowing and background plots weaving together as part of Kaz’s bigger picture!

Expect some plot twist in this book, moments which will have you gasping or screaming “WHY *insert character’s name* WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAPPEN TO him/her WHY CAN’T THINGS GO RIGHT FOR ONCE, he/her DESERVES TO BE HAPPY!!!” (

umm umm um… what to talk about now….

I think that is all I have for the moment, but have you read this book? If you have please message me on instagram @_queenofthebooks_ and we can chat about all the feels.

Do you know any books similar to this, because I would love any recommendations!!

Otherwise, here is my godread’s review

Until next time,


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