My awful attempt at a bookshelf tour #itried

Hey all, the other day (aka yesterday) someone suggested I make a bookshelf tour… and seeing I don’t have that many books I figured this would be a rather quick thing to do, and it sounds pretty fun! (edit: one hour later I have just finished this, I should be studying guys!)

I have no fathomable idea on how to do this, but let’s just go ahead.

I have two mini bookshelves, both have three shelves and can hold about 6-10 books normally.

Except I fancified (it’s a word now) my shelves so there is only about 5 each shelf…. I’ll explain in a moment.

I also arrange my selves in alphabetical order by book not series because it helps makes it look colourful

Bookshelf 1:

row 1:

The Assassin’s Blade [Sarah J Maas]: My one and only love! You could give me a thousand better books than this one and I would still claim this one to be my favourite.

Cinder [Marissa Meyer]: Not my favourite book in the lunar chronicle series, but I do really want to reread this soonish

a Court of Mist and Fury [Sarah J Maas]: I need to hurry up with my reread on this one… ACOWAR is coming up soon and I must have this read by then.

a Court of Thorns and Roses [“”] This book is actually placed cover forward so I can see Feyre in all her beauty. Behind it are all my bookmarks that are not currently in use.

Cress [Marissa Meyre] aka, where I will be putting ACOWAR

also on this shelf is my Rhysand candle from @koolandco and I have stuck a ‘I love you thorns and all’ bookmark from @glimpses_of_me on the front

row 2:

The Elite [Kiera Cass]

Empire of Storms [Sarah J Maas]

Glass Sword [Victoria Aveyard]: I have my tiara (because I’m a queen) placed above this one. Also this one is placed cover forward as well (do you see the pattern yet… each row has one facing forward)

The Heir [kiera Cass] to be completely honest, I think the original three selection books where amazing and these extra two were unnecessary…. but still good!

Heir of Fire [Sarah J Maas]

also on this shelf are four mini candles from @koolandco and are all scented/themed around Manon from Throne of Glass

row 3:

Red Queen [Victoria Aveyard]: Hidden partly behind some spray perfume thingy I have and a tealight candle scented/themed as Lysandra [from throne of glass] from @koolandco (thats the last of the koolandco items)

Scarlet [Marissa Meyre]

The Scorch trials [James Dashner]: Originally I wasn’t going to put the maze runner series on my shelves but then I decided why not?

Six of Crows [leigh Bardugo]: With it’s beautiful cover on display

The Selection [Kiera Cass]

This is where the world ends [Amy Zhang]:  This book is seriously amazing and deserves more attention. But it does involve a suicide and some mention of rape, but not in detail about either. (just warning anyone)

Throne of Glass [Sarah J Maas]:  almost forgot this one, my sister is currently reading this but I think will be done by the time this is up.

Bookshelf One complete (17 books in total)

Bookshelf two:

Crooked Kingdom [Leigh Bardugo]: This book took me a while to get into, but I think if I had read it right after soc I would have found it easier, I kind of just lost the momentum.

The Crown [Kiera Cass]: This lovely purple book is the only colour on the otherwise grey/black shelf.

Crown of Midnight [Sarah J Maas]: I do have these books in paper back, but my sister has taken it off my shelf so she can start it right after TOG.

The Crown’s Game [Evelyn Skye]: Cover on display! I cannot wait to read the next book in this series, but I have heard of some mix reviews.

The Death Cure [James Dashner]: Please do not tell me I was the only one who thought this book series got worse as it went on. It is still good don’t get me wrong, but no were near as amazing as the first book.

Also on this shelf is a Green Pair smelling Candle from Kmart (seriously the best smelling candle out of all the ones on my shelves)

Row 2:

King’s Cage [Victoria Aveyard]:  I really really enjoyed this book. But I also felt like not much happened.

Looking for Alaska [John Green]: I only really like two of John Green’s books, this one and The Fault in Out Stars (but I have no clue where that book is at the moment)

The Maze Runner [James Dashner]: did you hear the third maze runner movie is being pushed back! It been so long since the second one.

The One [Kiera Cass]: I kind of feel like the selection series could have been one book. But they are all so nice and sweet so I don’t really mind.

Queen of Shadows [Sarah J Maas]: On display! I love this cover so much, I think it is my favourite throne of glass cover.

Rebel of the Sands [Alywn Hamilton]: Do I think I will ever pick up the second book to this? no…. do I still keep it on my tbr? Hell yes! I loved this book but have lost all motivation to read the second book in the series

Also on this shelf is my Celaena and Rowan Lip balms from @behindthepagesstore and a little bottle with a message in it from my friend for my birthday

Row 3: (aka the nothing shelf)

Winter [Marissa Meyre]: WHAT AN ENDING? This book was amazing, but is also so heavy!

The Perfect Tear [Connie Lansberg]: Yes i know it isn’t alphabetical order, but I kept a couple of books in my warbdrobe and decided to take this one out right after I organised the shelves (There is now one lone book in my cupboard… but it isn’t actually mine it is just my family’s)

My kindle… well my dad’s which I have stolen and claimed mine.

And that is all on that shelf

13 books in total on bookcase 2

That is the end of this bookshelf tour. I might do one again in a month or so. I have some books arriving in the mail (hopefully next week) plus am planning to get ACOWAR

Until next time,


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  1. Cool!!! This was fun to read and see what books you have!

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    1. I’m glad you liked it. It was fun to do, I’ll probably do one every couple of months to stay updated

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