April Wrap Up || Am I way to nice when rating books?

139914112478877_animateI’m back again
, and this time with another wrap-up…

My month was off to an amazing start with me kicking out books like I was trying out for the part of Shang from Mulan

But then it kind of slowed down a little bit, leaving me not wanting to read for the last week of the month. Yep, that’s right, I didn’t read anything this/last week.

Here is what I read:

Descendants [Rae Else]: 3/5 stars, I felt this book was a little repetitive but also reminded me of Percy Jackson… but girl version.

Air and Ash [Alex Lidell]: 5/5 stars, this book is probably the first book I have read that involves a ship and a little voyage, so it was very interesting.

A Court of Thorns and Roses [Sarah J Maas]: Forever and always a 5/5 stars. I did a read along for this book which was massive and probably is highly boring… but if your interested it can be found here

Coming Up For Air [Miranda Kenneally]: 5/5 stars which is a rating I am highly confused about because it’s a contemporary book and it always confuses me rating contemporaries seeing they can no way compare to the epic battle that occurs during fantasy novels. A review will be coming closer to the release of the book, but for now my goodread’s review is here.

Follow Me Back [A.V Geiger]: 4/5 stars, this contemporary has a very very interesting plot twist which will leave you gasping for air. But, this book is also written a lot like a fanfiction. Review coming closer to the release but for now my goodread’s review is here.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [J.K Rowling]5/5 stars. This book is probably my favourite Hp book so far but I can’t wait to read the rest.

Oh no! I keep rating books 5 guys!! I was going to give all these book 5’s by the way (well, not Descendants)… I had to seriously think with Follow Me Back because it has such a good ending.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-19703-1381844694-14Why do books have to have epic/good endings???

It screws up my feelings on the book. I could be going for two stars and then awesome kick ass ending occurs and all of a sudden I want to give it a five. Like No Ryley No. Calm down!

And I am sure these books are five star worthy… but every single book I read (over exaggeration) is five star worthy to me and I need to stop. I’m either way to nice on book ratings or I am extremely good at picking epic books. I think it might be a combination of both.

But I also don’t want to over think everything because it ruins the whole reading experience.

*deep breath*

What else did I do this month?

  • I started an Aesthetic account with another bookstagramer (@readinginthestarlight) to post aesthetics on, seeing they became very popular in April in the bookstagram community and once I made one I was hooked and had to make a million. That new account is called @valgprincess in case you ever want to look (and yes, indeed it is the name of the second bookstagram account I had for like three days. But then I went through a period of time where I hated all my photos so I deleted it and now it’s back!)
  • I convinced my sister to start the Throne of Glass series and I honestly wish I had her reviewing skills. No, she isn’t actually writing reviews, but she can give actual ratings out of five that aren’t my in-the-spur-i-loved-the-ending-must-be-five-stars-worthy-even-though-i-hated-everything-else.
    • The Assassin’s Blade: Her rating – 3.5/5 seeing she didn’t like the first two novella’s…. My rating – 5/5 because SAM CORTLAND
    • Throne of Glass: Her Rating– 4/5 because she didn’t like the Elena parts or the duel at the end…. My Rating – 5/5 because FLEETFOOT!

This is what I mean guys^^^^ someone help me sort out my rating issue.

That’s all for this month, what did you read?

Until next time,


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  1. I was reading this book and I’m like “oh this definitely 2 or 3 stars” *finishes the book* “BUT THE ENDING, IT KILLED ME. OH SO SAD” *goes on Goodreads and gives in 4 stars*


    1. My goal for May is to think my ratings through

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  2. Also sometimes I rate a book and go back a week later and add or take away a star. because I cannot make up my mind.


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