The Cellar by Natasha Preston || Book Review

Guess who spent another afternoon that was meant to be full of study, reading instead?

After four hours being totally engrossed in this story I finally had to call it a night. If only because the wattpad comments kept telling me they had been reading this story at midnight and it slightly freaked them out (I totally understand what they mean now.). But after a bus trip filled with some rather intense reading, I finished this book.

To explain a little about this book, the story line is that Summer, a 16 year old, has been kidnapped by a really really really creepy and mentally unstable guy. Along with three other girls, Summer is kept in his basement also known as ‘the Cellar’. The police and her family try there hardest to find Summer, but her boyfriend, Lewis, is the most active in searching for her.Β 

In advanced, I did not read the proper, fully edited, published version. I read the wattpad story instead, but I feel like it was amazing even without the proper editing. Although, If you do read the wattpad version be prepared for one of the character’s names to swap after chapter 6 (they give you warning about it so don’t worry) and some of the facts don’t add up. Aka, the bathroom door does and doesn’t have a lock.

This novel is told from three points of view. The main one, which is also my favourite, was Summer’s point of view. I understand how some people found her to be a slightly annoying main characters, but to be fair she has just been kidnapped and deserves every right to be upset and angry. The one thing I didn’t like about Summer was that she spent most of her time thinking of Lewis. And I get that that is totally fair, but what about her family???????? Surely she would want to see her parents and bother again to!!!

The second point of view is from Summer’s boyrfriend, Lewis. This perspective was my least favourite as it mostly followed his journey searching all over town for Summer. Lewis is a very good and nice character, don’t get me wrong, but when compared to the other pov’s his were a little dull and unintesting. I found myself skipping his parts. But if I did reread this book ever (it is 100% reread worthy) I would try my hardest to actually pay attention to his chapters (maybe).

The third, final and creepiest point of view is from Clover aka the kidnapper. This is were the whole ‘reading at midnight freaked me out’ thing comes in. Not necessarily just in his chapters (it was actually more so in Summer’s chapters when he was involved), but his character was hella creepy. Which is going to be really hard to explain, like I hate him as a person and everything about him. But I love the way his character was written. Does that make sense???

As I said before, this story consumed me and all of my attention (sorry chemistry study but this was wayyyyyyyy more interesting). I have decided on a 4 stars for this book mainly because I skipped Lewis’ chapters and it was a little bit repetitive, just a tiny little bit, but also a super quick read.

All in all, this book was seriously creepy and amazing and intriguing. I could not put it down (well, until my eyelids refused to stay open anymore). This book is labelled as a YA book, however there are murders in this book that are a little toooooooo detailed. I did tend to skip over those parts as I am not one for knowing what someone’s insides look like thank you very much. My suggestion is, although the main character is 16, if you are a YA reader, you might want to consider this book a little bit more on the gruesome side of things. However, it is still amazing!!!

My goodread’s review is here!

There is a sequel to this book and I believe a prequel, but I’m not really sure if I will read them. I’m just unsure whether the sequel is just going to be identical to this just set at a different time.

Do you have any favourite wattpad stories??? let me know andΒ Add me as a friend!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting/chilling/super creepy book. (congrats on 54 followers btw!)


    1. it is very creepy/ chilling/ interesting. And thank you very much

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  2. Oh and btw Ryley, do you know how to share pics I’ve already saved to my computer on instagram?I just can’t figure it out.


    1. I don’t believe photos can go right from the computer to instagram, I think it has to go off your phone or ipad

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