Coming Up For Air by Miranda Kenneally || Book Review

I was so excited when I saw my request through netgalley had been excepted to review this book!

I don’t read a lot of contemporary, and I know that every time I read a contemporary I sing it’s high praises and say it’s the ultimate contemporary and everyone must read it. I know I do, I know.

But this book!

It did not disappoint!! I can’t help it that it was a pure work of art, it is just how things are. This book was amazing, therefore I loved it. Simple as that.

Swim. Eat. Shower. School. Snack. Swim. Swim. Swim. Dinner. Homework. Bed. Repeat.


First can I talk about this cover?

I really love it! It’s so cute!

But onto Maggie, aka the main character

110% loved the character development in this book. Maggie starts this book out fully focused on Swimming, which is totally understandable considering she is trying to make it onto the U.S swimming team and to do that she needs to make the preliminaries.

But at the same time she wants to experience high school (no not the boring classes, but the boys, the prom and everything else that might happen). Somehow she will have to find a way to experience these things while trying her hardest to reach her dreams.

Along with the full focus on swimming, Maggie is HIGHLY COMPETITIVEHighly being the key word. She doesn’t like to lose, and in her mind second is losing. I’m not going to go into full detail, because spoilers, but things change, Maggie changes. And I loved that!

Do you ever just want to be a book character and have their life. Because right now it is 10.30pm and I so want to go out and start exercising for some sport, don’t know which one, but I want to. It’s a bit to late now, but I’m highly motivated right now and want to kick some ass running. Maybe I should read this book again before Athletics day.

Onto Levi! aka my new book boyfriend,

Maggie and all her friends are close, real close. They talk about anything and everything, and really have no shame when it comes to topics to talk about. Everything is open for discussion and everything will be discussed. Get the point?

I love the friendship in this book and the weird and quirky dynamics they have as a friends group. Every member of the group has different opinions and different struggles. Some have parents breathing down their necks pushing them to the max about making the university cheerleading team while others are trying to figure out if they really want to join the air force, or if he only wants to because everyone in his family has.

But Levi, the book loving, swimming bae who needs to find his way into my life (please?) Did I mention Levi loves to read, when he isn’t waiting for turtles to hatch, walking his dog, flirting with girls, swimming or eating, Levi is reading. How cute it that? (the answer is very, by the way). Levi is a swimmer like Maggie, except he is INCREDIBLE (I mean, Maggie is incredible too, but Levi is the next level) , he already has already earned a spot in the Olympic team try outs, so this year for him is mostly practice competing. This sort of adds a little bit of pressure on Maggie who is also hoping for a spot to try out.

There are no love triangles guys,

But there is romance, and I guess it isn’t a spoiler to tell you who it is between (it’s in the blurb of the book) but I think I would rather you find out for yourself. I can assure you that Maggie is one of the lovebirds.

Although, no love triangle, the romance is more focused on whether or not Maggie likes this guy or if she just likes kissing. For those of you who hate the whole, do I like him? I think I like him? Maybe I don’t like him? thing, I’m sorry, but this book does have some of those moments. But, I didn’t actually find it annoying and I was seeing where the main character was coming from.

Other things I loved

  • Seeing the Maggie and Levi develop both as people and as swimmer (they are the only swimmers in their group of friends)
  • Rivalry between Maggie and her closest competitor
  • Low key promotes not letting bullying get to you and to keep doing what your doing
  • Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
  • Food
  • Easy to read and paced well
  • Different representations of relationships
  • Cute, cuddly boyfriend shirts
  • Pointing out that it is ‘okay’ for boys to get around as ‘boys will be boys’ but everyone is willing to judge when girls do the same thing. (Pointing out that this should change)

I think this book was amazing and rated it 5/5 stars.

My goodreads review can be found here, This book will be out July 1st 2017, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Until next time.

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  1. It sounds very good. I’m glad you enjoyed it!!!!


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