Champion by Marie Lu || Book Review

“Hi,” he says. “I’m Daniel.”
“Hi,” I reply. “I’m June.”

“Hi, I’m currently on the verge of crying.”

Before I begin this review I must warn you that there may be some spoilers for the first two books in the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu, Legend and Prodigy. If you have not read those two books then you may not want to continue reading.


So where to begin.

I actually believed that I would never finish this series because I borrowed the first two books from the school library but they didn’t have the third one and were not planning on ever getting it (even though I constantly pleaded with them to get it). But months later when I went to the town library I found Champion *screams forever*. And yes, I do know that I could have brought the book, and one day I might have, I was just currently drowning in other books to read first.

Now that I have read Champion, I feel complete, like everything makes sense in the world again.

I am very pleased with how this book went and everything that happened within it. Although some people aren’t, I am a major fan of chapters ending on cliffhangers, it keeps me motivated and wanting to read more. So this book was perfect for me, I think I finish it in two days.

There were some scenes that I found myself at the end of the pages and not knowing anything because I wasn’t actually reading just scanning but for the majority of the book I was 100% intrigued.

Both of the main characters, Day and June, continued to amazing me in many different ways. My favourite thing about this book is the duel perspective and being able to see the same situation played out through both of their points of view (especially near the end of this novel).

Speaking of the end of this book, I am a little conflicted, I both love and hate the end at the same time. I feel like I love the end but am not entirely happy about the epilogue. The last twenty or so pages had me on the verge of tears (and so did a few other scenes throughout the book) but I am kind of disappointed with the epilogue. I just needed more!!!! It is still a very good ending, but it’s kind of it’s own version of a mini cliffhanger that might not bother some people but is slowly crushing me from the inside.

Overall this book was a perfect ending to the Legend trilogy and I don’t think I would change a thing about it. Marie Lu opens us up to more of the Legend world and we finally get to visit Antarctica, which by the way, it both amazing and horrifying.  The people of Antarctica live in a kind of virtual world where you can gain points through doing good deeds and exercising, the more points you have the more money you can potentially earn. The whole idea makes me wonder what would happen if a criminal hacked the system.

Along with Antarctica other areas are explored and more history is explained, which I loved!

I think that is all I really have to say about this book. Overall I gave this book 4 stars, although I can’t really compare it to the other books because I read them a while ago, I think they are all on an equal level. I give the series a 4.5/5 stars (a bonus half star because I love Day).

My goodread’s review can be found here.

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  1. I love this series. The end was really sad.


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