Prisoner of Ice and Snow by Ruth Lauren || Book Review

“Everyone else sees a problem, Valor. I see an opportunity. Trust me.”

In a thrilling fantasy that’s equal parts Prison Break and Frozen, Valor attempts the impossible—breaking her sister out of prison.

This book is a middle grade novel but even though I usually read YA books, I found this book to be just as enjoyable. Although, it did not have as much epic fight scenes (but I can forgive it for that).

Overall I gave Prisoner of Ice and Snow 4 out of 5 stars. My biggest issue with this book was the fact that I kept forgetting if it was Prisoner of ice and snow or Prisoner of snow and ice, haha.

On a more serious side of things.

This book was incredible and has really made me want to watch Anastasia. I’m not entirely sure whether this book is based on Anastasia but I found some similarities, the first being that there is a princess named Anastasia, the second being events based around a music box.

At times it was a little bit predictable, in the sense that if something could go wrong (ie, they get caught) it happens. But that did also make it interesting, like who can be trusted?!

The plot reminded me of Snow like Ashes, in particular the second half of the book (I won’t tell you what happens in case I spoil you for both books), and it was a relatively quick book to read.

To see my Goodread’s review, click here.

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