The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas || Book Review

Hello again,

Yes, I have done a review of The Assassin’s Blade before, but I have just finished my fourth reread and ready to bestow upon you another review of my favourite book in the world.

With every reread of this book, I gain so much more knowledge of the Throne of Glass world. The first time I read this book I didn’t pay much attention to detail because I was too absorbed in the story. The second time I read this book was for an English essay so I was more focused on the emotion behind each character’s actions. The third time was purely for fun. And this time was a reread to get me ready for Tower of Dawn.

But I loved it just the same, even more perhaps.

This book is spectacular and a full of glorious world building. The foreshadowing hidden throughout the book is so subtle it has taken me four times reading the book to discover some of the details (there are probably still more I don’t know of yet).

I do recommend reading this book before Throne of Glass, but pleased be warned that the series gets better as it goes on (although this one is still fabulous). But I also suggest reading it after you finish the rest of the books in case you can catch some small details about other characters.

So far I’m willing to bet that three characters from the Throne of Glass book are hidden within The Assassin’s Blade (as in their names are never given). Possibly more.

But overall I must say the world building within this book and the character development are incredible.

My other review can be found here,

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