Hello Book Nation,

So you have found your way to the ‘about’ page. Whether it was a mistake or not, I’ll share a few things about me.

My name is Ryley and I live in Australia.

I started this blog sometime in September 2016.

I started this blog because I write not only book reviews but other bookish things as well. And I couldn’t really do that on Goodreads. I also felt I was annoying people with long reviews on goodreads. So I decided that I would go with shortish reviews on goodreads and longer ones here. (most of the time they are just mindless rambles but i hope you enjoy them anyways)

After a couple of months writing bookish post here on my blog I decided to start a bookstagram account. A place where I now take photos of books to share with the bookstagram community.

There isn’t really much more to share. I love anything writing by Sarah J Maas, so expect to occasionally hear comparisons to her books while reading something totally unrelated. I am terrible at Spelling and like to give out random capitals to words which should have them. And even as I edit the posts before I share them I don’t normally get rid of my random capitals. (so be prepared)

Anyway I hope you enjoy and like all that you read. Please remember these are just my opinion and I don’t meant to sway you or to offend you. If you have an unpopular opinion on a topic please feel free to share (as long as it isn’t rude or mean) and I will respect your opinion. I hope you can do the same when I share unpopular bookish opinions.

Bye for now, hope you enjoy this blog