Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin || Book Review

Would you look at that, I finished another wattpad story! And this one is being published later this year!! I seriously recommend it everyone.

I know I know, I say it after every contemporary book I read, but this is seriously my new favourite. Urg, no actually maybe not, I loved the plot and the characters and everything else, but there were a few times when I just glimpsed over the words to hurry up and get to the next part. Only because it was filled with such amazing plot twist and I could not deal with the same conversations over and over again.

With that said, I am almost 110% sure my sister will get this book when it comes out (considering she read it and loved it, plus she also told me yesterday she wants to buy it) and if she does, I’ll most likely reread it. It just so sweet and cute, it reminds me of the selection series but it doesn’t have anything related to it.

It did take a few chapters to really get into this book, but once I got going, I couldn’t really stop. I swear I do this every time, I have a physics test tomorrow! I should be studying not obsessing over this book!


But Caleb and Red are just too adorable. I was torn at times throughout this book thinking that their relationship was going wayyyyyy to fast, but then within a chapter I thought everything was going wayyyyyy to slow. There wasn’t really a balance, one extreme or the other.

There are some really good evil characters in this book as well! Do not go into this thinking all will be good and well. That was a mistake on my part, there are some really intense scenes in this book. The ending is a major but also minor plot twist.


Be warned, this book has some serious cliffhangers to end some of the chapters. ‘Just one more chapter’ *she says as she tries to make an excuse not to study physics*

Chasing Red is written so beautifully, I can only imagine how the edited version will be. There was never a point where I was confused and I often found myself rereading paragraphs purely because they were so cute!!


As I said before, there are some serious plot twist and cliffhangers, but trust me, they are worth it. The story line is amazing but slightly repetitive at times.

I’m really sorry this is a sucky review but I must study by for now!

Until next time,

10 Word Reviews

Oh snap! my greatest challenge yet

Ten. Word. Reviews.

If you are unaware, I am the worst at condensing information. 800 word assignment, is 2500 words okay????

But I though I would give it a go.

A Court Of Thorns and Roses [Sarah J Maas]

“Magical story with incredible, poetic writing that will hook you.”

Six of Crows [Leigh Bardugo]

“A friendship like no other put to a dangerous test”

The Crown’s Game [Evelyn Skye]

“Intriguing story will have you addicted well after the end”

Looking For Alaska [John Green]

“Heart-breaking and soul-crushing book that is also incredible”

Maze Runner [James Dashner]

“Better. Than. The. Movie.”

Cinder [Marissa Meyer]

“Main character with a ‘get things done’ attitude will inspire you”

Can you review a book in ten words, give it a go in the comment section.

Until next time,

The Cellar by Natasha Preston || Book Review

Guess who spent another afternoon that was meant to be full of study, reading instead?

After four hours being totally engrossed in this story I finally had to call it a night. If only because the wattpad comments kept telling me they had been reading this story at midnight and it slightly freaked them out (I totally understand what they mean now.). But after a bus trip filled with some rather intense reading, I finished this book.

To explain a little about this book, the story line is that Summer, a 16 year old, has been kidnapped by a really really really creepy and mentally unstable guy. Along with three other girls, Summer is kept in his basement also known as ‘the Cellar’. The police and her family try there hardest to find Summer, but her boyfriend, Lewis, is the most active in searching for her. 

In advanced, I did not read the proper, fully edited, published version. I read the wattpad story instead, but I feel like it was amazing even without the proper editing. Although, If you do read the wattpad version be prepared for one of the character’s names to swap after chapter 6 (they give you warning about it so don’t worry) and some of the facts don’t add up. Aka, the bathroom door does and doesn’t have a lock.

This novel is told from three points of view. The main one, which is also my favourite, was Summer’s point of view. I understand how some people found her to be a slightly annoying main characters, but to be fair she has just been kidnapped and deserves every right to be upset and angry. The one thing I didn’t like about Summer was that she spent most of her time thinking of Lewis. And I get that that is totally fair, but what about her family???????? Surely she would want to see her parents and bother again to!!!

The second point of view is from Summer’s boyrfriend, Lewis. This perspective was my least favourite as it mostly followed his journey searching all over town for Summer. Lewis is a very good and nice character, don’t get me wrong, but when compared to the other pov’s his were a little dull and unintesting. I found myself skipping his parts. But if I did reread this book ever (it is 100% reread worthy) I would try my hardest to actually pay attention to his chapters (maybe).

The third, final and creepiest point of view is from Clover aka the kidnapper. This is were the whole ‘reading at midnight freaked me out’ thing comes in. Not necessarily just in his chapters (it was actually more so in Summer’s chapters when he was involved), but his character was hella creepy. Which is going to be really hard to explain, like I hate him as a person and everything about him. But I love the way his character was written. Does that make sense???

As I said before, this story consumed me and all of my attention (sorry chemistry study but this was wayyyyyyyy more interesting). I have decided on a 4 stars for this book mainly because I skipped Lewis’ chapters and it was a little bit repetitive, just a tiny little bit, but also a super quick read.

All in all, this book was seriously creepy and amazing and intriguing. I could not put it down (well, until my eyelids refused to stay open anymore). This book is labelled as a YA book, however there are murders in this book that are a little toooooooo detailed. I did tend to skip over those parts as I am not one for knowing what someone’s insides look like thank you very much. My suggestion is, although the main character is 16, if you are a YA reader, you might want to consider this book a little bit more on the gruesome side of things. However, it is still amazing!!!

My goodread’s review is here!

There is a sequel to this book and I believe a prequel, but I’m not really sure if I will read them. I’m just unsure whether the sequel is just going to be identical to this just set at a different time.

Do you have any favourite wattpad stories??? let me know and Add me as a friend!

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June TBR

Is it possible for nearly every book from my May tbr to be on this list too???


I’ve actually already finished one book on my June TBR and that would be The Cellar by Natasha Preston (a review is coming soon.) Which I read on Wattpad, although it is also a published novel.

But to the rest of my list.

First I must finish Updrift by Errin Stevens! I am liking this book, but it takes soooooo long to read… although I’m sure I would finish it faster if I just picked it up hehe.

As for the other books

  • Harry Potter #4 by J.K Rowling

This is my first time reading this series and because of the small writing of all of them, I’m not really up to marathon reading them all. I’m just taking it slowly, one book at a time. Although, I really want to get them all done by the end of the year #fingerscrossed

  • The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater

Although, if I don’t like the first one, I probably won’t go onto the second one. Finger’s crossed the library actually has them all, I checked a while ago so I’m pretty sure they do.

  • And maybe another reread of A Court Of Wings and Ruin

I just got the hardcover for ACOWAR (it’s my first hardcover and it is gorgeous!) I just keep looking at it on my shelf and it is calling out to me to read it! I’ll probably reading it before I finish Updrift. Really depends on how long I drag out the Updrift read. Like it is a really good book, I’m just never in the mood for it.

Ahhhh, Seven books on my tbr! Luckily I am on holidays for the last week of June so hopefully I can get heaps read then.

Reading Pet Peeves || Part Two

I’m back again with more Reading pet peeves, this time focused more on the stuff inside the book and not the people who are annoying as you read the book.

1. When you thought a character was going to go away forever but then comes backgiphy (2)

Why do you need to come back!?

2. when a character makes decisions you absolutely hate but you’re trying to stick by them

giphy (6).gif

3. When you so truly believe that a character is good and then they stab you in the back with their evilness

giphy (7).gifI cannot believe I allowed myself to defend you time and time again.

4. When the book is really boring and your so close to giving up and then it becomes really interesting

giphy (8).gif

It is even worse if the interesting part doesn’t happen until the last third of the book.

5. ‘I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding’ or any other variation

giphy (9).gif

Why did you have to go there?

On a totally unrelated but related note: Kiera Cass in one of the Selection books has a line that is ‘He released a breath I didn’t know he was holding’. Like yeah, of course you didn’t know he was holding it, it’s his air not your’s.

Until next time,

Follow Me Back by A. V Geiger || Book Review

I’m back with another contemporary…. except this time it’s a mystery contemporary.

Follow Me Back is a very captivating book, which I recommend more for people who are fangirls than to people who love contemporary. Because that makes little to no sense I will explain.

  • This book is about a girl, named Tessa, who has a celebrity crush on a singer named Eric Thorn.
  • Eric doesn’t want to be surrounded by fans and hates the publicity (there is a back story to this)
  • So he trolls Tessa and eventually his feelings start to change
  • Then BAM! Plot twist.

Before I started reading this book, I figured it was only about the first three dot points…. that was until I read the first page and realised that there is in fact a mystery. Except in this case, you don’t exactly know what the crime is until the end (and what an ending it is)

But back to my recommendation. I feel like the theme and writing style of this book is better suited to fangirls. This book was originally on wattpad and I do feel like it shows a little. Don’t get me wrong, the writing is immensely intriguing, but it reads like a fanfiction.

I have rated this book a 4/5 stars. It is captivating and a page turner with a plot twist to end all plot twist. Plus a cliff hanger!

This book consist of past and present events as well as interviews and tweets. This made the book a whole lot more interesting and easy to read. But also, limited how far I could connect with the characters and understand what was happening.

While there are paragraphs explaining what the characters were thinking when they sent the message, this isn’t every single time. Even though this meant it was harder to connect, I did find this way a lot more fun and entertaining.

My goodread’s review is here

Until next time,

(I received this book in exchange for an honest review through Netgally)

May Wrap Up

Oh snap,

This month did not go as planned (oops).

That’s all good though because I am still 11 books ahead of my goodread’s challenge so all is well in the world.

So what did I read this month???

Pretty much none of what was on my May tbr, ouch!

The first read of May was Poison Study by Maria v. Snyder, and I really found this book enjoyable. I would 100% read it again as it was so simple. With that said, I only gave this book a 3 and a half (Or maybe it was four) because it did feel as if it was lacking something. There were no real major events throughout the book, nothing that made be go ‘OH my god, oh my god, must read more.’

I am interested in reading the rest of this series, but it might be a while before I get around to it.

Next up was Goodnight, Boy by Nikki Sheehan, which I found to be alright. I gave this book three stars. It was certainly easy to read because of the writing style, but maybe to easy? (Like easy enough for it to physically pain my brain reading it.)

Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch kind of feels like a cheat putting it on here. Because as much as I did read it, I spent the majority of the read trying to annotate the book. So I was focusing more on making witty comments then the content. It was fun though, to do it, I think if you have a book you have read before and want to annotate it, to go for it!

Oh yeah, I remember what happened at this point in the month. I wasn’t an all too happy mood, so I needed to cheer myself up in the only way I knew. To read The Selection by Kiera Cass. It’s my go to happy book. Seriously, the day I decided to read this book started with me looking at my bookshelf and going ‘assassin, war, assassin, ehhh, character I love dies, revenge of the century.’ Honestly, I need some more happy books on my shelves.

Then came Laurinda by Alice Pung, which is probably my favourite school book I have ever had to read. Although the essay I have to write on it is not necessarily my favourite thing right now, haha.

A COURT OF WINGS AND RUIN BY SARAH J MAAS! I read this book twice this month, and I think the first time was actually before Laurinda. I believe it went the selection, acowar, updrift and laurinda, finish laurinda, pause updrift, reread acowar.

It is just so good! I loved it more that a court of mist and fury although it is a very close call. I think I just found the characters to be more of a family. Not just with each other but with me as well. Aweeee isn’t that sweet hahaha. I found myself connecting a lot more with the characters.

As I said, I was reading Updrift, but have not finished it yet. So I guess that will become a goal for next month, we shall see.

Finally was Little Woman, but the version I read was an adaption of it made for younger readers. It took me about two hours to read but I would be really interested in reading the full length novel. Especially so I can connect more with the characters. It was a bit hard to remember which March sister was who.

What was I going on about, I read eight books! Holy! I think I just expected to actually follow my May Tbr and finish the snow like ashes trilogy and harry potter 4. But they can be saved for next month.

What did you read this month???

Until next time