Character Road Trip

I’ve been thinking about the holidays lately and I figured how fun would it be to go on a road trip with my favourite characters? The correct answer is very fun indeed. So I think I’m just going to list four characters seeing I will take up the fifth car seat.


The very first character who is a must is the wonderful Lysandra. She is must purely because she is my favourite character ever and I feel as though she would be a bit of a piece keeper in the car. Maybe she could control the music.





The driver would have to be someone like Azriel from A Court of Mist and Fury, who is very cool, calm, collected and won’t freak out when high pitch squeals come from the back seats when people fight over not enough space. Although this position could also be swapped with Rhysand who would likely pretend that he wasn’t lost by making jokes about everyone else in the car to distract them.21909629_177354319488117_3817248941343244288_n

I, myself, will have the middle seat of the car because there is no way I’m not going to try and annoy every one of my favourite characters by nonstop talking. It’s just the way it’s going to work.

On one of my sides will be seated Jesper from Six of Crows. I have chosen him to come on this completely likely to happen car trip because I feel as though he would be hilarious and understand why I make awful jokes (hopefully he would laugh at them so I wouldn’t feel bad)six-of-crows-jesper


The final seat in the car goes to none other than Lada from And I Darken. It was a tough choice and I was kind of leaning towards another throne of glass character but I figured I should spread outside of my usual all Sarah J Maas talk and pick a character from something else. Lada has that bit of sass I would no doubt find hilarious even though she means every single word she speaks. Alongside Lysandra, she would also be able to stop fights by just threatening everyone (to be far though, Lada and Rhysand would likely be the ones to argue).


My car seats are all full, but who would you take on a road trip?

Until next time,


Stories I Need Written

I always see writing prompts on pinterest and I must have them written especially seeing I expand on a lot of them and they seem so interesting!

Here are some of the stories I need written (please feel free to write them cause I must read them)

An Angel Story…

Where all angels are sorted to become dancers or soldiers. They grow up in training for whichever one however, once they turn eighteen they must pass a test to decided whether or not they are allowed to be in the King’s army or preform in the castle. If they do not make the cut, then their wings are cuts and they must have a regular job. Clearly everyone wants to keep their wings so they try really really hard.

I’ve made a pinterest board for this story already:


Beauty and The Beast Retelling…

Where they don’t end up together and the Beast is happy staying in beast form because he actually rather enjoys it. So instead the two just become friends and share the library. This way whenever people pick on Belle she just whistles and the beast comes out of no where to scared everyone. The big issue in this story is that Belle’s sister starts to like the beast and he starts to fall for her so Belle does everything she can to sabotage it.

An Assassin Story…

Except this is in the normal world and this teenage girl also has to deal with school. No one knows that she is an assassin except for the people she works for. Every now and then people will ask her what she is thinking having a knife strapped to her leg and she just has to pretend it is for the school musical. Each time she is asked she spends the night trying to find better hiding places. The big issue in this story is that the principal is onto her and wants to stop her, she has no reason to kill him so she just has to try harder to keep hidden cause she doesn’t want to be expelled. Plus she needs good grades cause she sort of wants to be a doctor if this whole assassin thing doesn’t work out.

An Aladdin Retelling of Sorts…

Except… the genie is already with the evil ruler. This genie loves to go into the city square and steal things and just in general being annoying cause it is the only fun he/she can have. A ruler from another kingdom comes in with a secret agenda, he/she wants to steal the genie he/she plans on doing this by making the genie love them, even though he/she is betrothed to the son/daughter of the evil ruler.

In fact I have already made a pinterest board for this one:


Are there any stories you want told?

Until next time,

Alternative Book Titles

*Evil Laughter*

I just thought of an idea to write better/ alternative book titles for all the books one my shelf (that I have read).


A Court of Thorns and Rose Trilogy [Sarah J Maas]

ACOTAR > The Huntress

ACOMAF > The Star Stealer

ACOWAR > The Dreamer

The Crown’s Game [Evelyn Skye]Round One Fight


Throne of Glass Series [Sarah J Maas]

Throne of Glass > I’m just an assassin

Crown of Midnight > Jk

Heir of Fire > You think banning magic is enough to stop me?

Queen of Shadows > *Evil laughter*

Empire of Storms > I want my kingdom back and I want it now!

Tower of Dawn > Celaena wants her kingdom back so I’m gonna help – Chaol

The Assassin’s Blades > Sam Cortland Reigns Forever.

The Six of Crows Duology [Leigh Bardugo]

Six of Crows > Two of Crows (Just Inej and Kaz)

Crooked Kingdoms > Kingdom for two (Just Inej and Kaz)

The Red Queen Series [Victoria Aveyard]

Red Queen > Gladiator

Glass Sword > Gladiator in slow motion

King’s Cage > Gladiator on repeat

Storm war > yet to be read, yet to be judged

The Lunar Chronicles [Marissa Meyres]

These names are all perfect so I’m just going to do the male versions

Cinder > Cinder (I hate Kai)

Scarlet > Wolf

Cress > Thorn

Winter > Winter (I just love winter)

Vicious Depths [Madeline Stanford] > This version of Hell seems to be alright


I was actually planning on this being a serious thing, but then I got a little carried away. Maybe in a version 2 of this, I will try harder to create better titles.

Do you have any book title changes?

Until next time,

Tower of Dawn Hopes and Theories

*Clears throat*

*Cracks knuckles*

*Whispers* Let’s do this

This will include spoilers from all the Throne of Glass books (I believe) the major ones come from Queen of Shadows and The Assassin’s Blade but I am assuming most of you know what happens in that book considering you have heard of what Tower of Dawn is about. If you have not, I suggest not reading any further in this post, or reading any description of TOD because you will spoil yourself for Queen of Shadows.

This post is just going to go through the books and point out any foreshadowing I have noticed that might have to do with Tower of Dawn and my feelings about Chaol.

The Assassin’s Blade

In The Assassin and the Healer we met Yrene Towers who after meeting Celaena Sardothien has enough money to finally chase her dream and train in becoming a healer.

My theory, along with pretty much everyone else, is that Chaol will meet Yrene Towers and hopefully she will help him out a little. However, I do not want Chaol “healed”. And this isn’t because I dislike him, it’s because I  have this vision of Chaol sitting in a wheelchair with a bow and arrow kicking ass. He can still be the captain of the guard but now he is doing it from a chair, so be it. I think he will learn to be amazing at shooting an arrow.

Celaena gives a whole heap of – OMG i just had another theory I will come back to this in a second

During the Assassin and the Healer, Celaena teaches Yrene some self-defense moves

I really really really want to see Yrene teaching little kids who come to train as healers how to defend themselves. I want to see Chaol roaming around the healer school and stumble across Yrene training little kids, and in the moments he watches her fight him, he realises where he has seen those moves before, who has done those moves before, Celaena. It doesn’t make sense to him at first as to why a healer would know Celaena, but hasn’t she mentioned she wanted to be a healer before, maybe he will catch on to this.

back to the other thought

Celaena gave a whole heap of gold to Yrene to become a healer and a necklace. 

I want to see Yrene wearing that necklace. Even better, I want Chaol to ask about it and for Yrene to explain how she got it. Then Chaol will connect the dots and bam! He admits that he likes Celaena again, not loves (because Rowan is better) but likes and understands her.

In the Assassin and the Desert Ansel explains to Celaena that she once met an irontooth witch and that the witch told her to go train as an assassin

Anyone want to bet this witch was astrien cause same! Although this won’t come into play during Tower of Dawn because Ansel will not be here

Ansel also explained that Lord Loch killed her father and sister

I also want to bet that Lord Loch has something to do with Elide Lochan, in particular her uncle who didn’t allow for her leg to be healed properly. OH MY GOD can chaol please bring Yrene with her and an army to help save Celaena. Yrene can then fix Elides leg.

Edit: I just found out from my Empire of Storms read that Ansel killed Lord Loch who is not related to Uncle Lochan. Why must characters have similar names?????

Throne of Glass

I didn’t find much detail

Crown of Midnight

I’m thinking maybe Chaol could go an take back his title from is little brother (???)

Heir of Fire

I (re)discovered in this book that there is also a healer academy over in Wendlyn. I’m thinking maybe the healer place Chaol is going to might talk about this school and the two can team up and save Celaena and the rest of the world.

Also in this book Dorian told Chaol a lot (and I mean a lot) that he needs to move forward and adapt so I’m hoping something happens as Chaol goes through this book, that he snaps into place and realizes things are changing. (Also how cool would it be if he had magic???)

Queen of Shadows

Okay so I paid some attention this time around and realised Elide does in fact have magic abilities. I am thinking they will be water as Elide is related to Aelin through their mothers (and Aelin’s mum had water, I remember that being mentioned somewhere).

In the south, aka where Chaol is headed, Nesyrn’s family lives. So I am hoping that will help them build a army.

What are your theories on Tower Of Dawn? I would love to hear them.

Reading Pet Peeves || Part Two

I’m back again with more Reading pet peeves, this time focused more on the stuff inside the book and not the people who are annoying as you read the book.

1. When you thought a character was going to go away forever but then comes backgiphy (2)

Why do you need to come back!?

2. when a character makes decisions you absolutely hate but you’re trying to stick by them

giphy (6).gif

3. When you so truly believe that a character is good and then they stab you in the back with their evilness

giphy (7).gifI cannot believe I allowed myself to defend you time and time again.

4. When the book is really boring and your so close to giving up and then it becomes really interesting

giphy (8).gif

It is even worse if the interesting part doesn’t happen until the last third of the book.

5. ‘I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding’ or any other variation

giphy (9).gif

Why did you have to go there?

On a totally unrelated but related note: Kiera Cass in one of the Selection books has a line that is ‘He released a breath I didn’t know he was holding’. Like yeah, of course you didn’t know he was holding it, it’s his air not your’s.

Until next time,

Three Cinderella Retellings For When You Want To Feel Like A Low Key Princess

Does anyone else love retellings???

I do.

And that is why I am here today with some Cinderella retelling. I only have three, as I wanted to just put in the ones I have read.

The Lunar Chronicles [Marissa Meyer]

The first book in this series, Cinder, is a Cinderella retelling set in future China. Out of the following retellings, I think this one stays the closest to the fairytale we all know and love.

Cinder is a cyborg and Beijing’s top mechanic. When the prince comes to Cinder for help with one of his androids, her life turns upside down.

Throne of Glass [Sarah J Maas]

Okay, you won’t believe me, but it is true. A very loose base. Sarah J Maas got the inspiration to this book when listening to the Cinderella soundtrack. From their she thought the music was very intense considering Ella was just leaving the ball. So she figured, maybe she was leaving for a reason, maybe, just maybe, she was there to kill the prince.

The Selection Series [Kiera Cass]

“Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress”

Yep, said by Kiera Cass herself.

This retelling is more to do with the ball and fancy dresses, then to do with step sisters and fairy godmothers. But it is still amazing!

What are your thoughts on retelling?

Until next time.

That Time I Explained The Book I’m Writing

One of my goals of this year was to finish the book I’m currently writing before the end of may. Ummmm…. I may have procrastinated #alot but it’s still May and there is a *cough small* possibility that I will get it finished on time (just the first draft guys don’t get you’re hopes up).

I’m about four chapters away from the end!!! How exciting??

For a while, I wasn’t writing or focusing any attention on this book. But then procrastination kicked in one day and I felt like creating a playlist for this project (still haven’t finished the playlist but hey, it takes time). However, while I was choosing songs, my homeroom buddy at school who is also on bookstagram asked if she could read what I had so far. So I kicked into action and am now currently both drafting the first couple of chapters and finish the final ones #wow

So all the boring introduction stuff is out of the way…. here is what this is all about


*faint cheers and claps in the distance*

Aren’t I just great at picking names? (don’t answer that). Here is some info on it:

Where can you find the first couple of chapters????

Right here my friends. As I draft the chapters and my friend does another check on them, I will be posting the chapters here on fictionpress

(my username is really weird, but I made it a long time ago and don’t feel like changing it)

What on earth is it about?

Luckily for you, I have created a very awful synopsis

I was always used to not being needed. No one needed me around. That was why I was chosen to be this years sacrifice. To be offered up to the Gods as payment for their ongoing protection. I was meant to die. But here I am. Still alive. And now I am expected to help the Sun God retrieve something stolen from him, not that they would let me know what it was.


1Hell yeah I have a pinterest board going for this. Here you go

Wasn’t this meant to be for your camp nanowrimo?

Yes and there is no need to judgegiphy (5)

Some character names please???

Main character: Billy Raiherfu (aka #whatisgoingon (aka the only reason I chose the name Billy was for the Billy Goat reference))

Awesome sort of main characters: Mantus (aka #bossbabe)

Charles (aka #hungryasthewolf)

Itari (aka only hot because he is the Sun God #burn)

And that is all for this procrastination session.

Until next time,