Best Things About Being A Book Lion

^Because I refuse to be called a bookworm

I am a book lion and this is my book jungle, I am not some dirty worm crawling through earth.

Excusing the fact I hate being called a bookworm, there are so many awesome things about reading. Here’s a list.

1. When no one else has read the books you have so your allowed to use any comebacks from the book

giphy (10).gif

Am I the only one who has a pintrest board filled with sassy book comment I want to use someday?

2. Pretending to be philosophical by using quotes from books no one has read/ remembers

giphy (11).gif

Oh how I love to use book quotes to confuse people.

3. Getting to use awesome character names from books whenever suggesting a pet/ baby name


People come into work all the time (pregnant) and I suggest as many names as I can, Aedion, Rhysand, Maxon, Cress, Manon. I got you covered.

4. Being able to say difficult names because fantasy books have prepared you well

Well, I’m not entirely the best at this. But it does help sometimes.

5. Being able to escape all your problems by reading a book

giphy (4)

6. Knowing that there are so many people you can talk/rant/fangirl about books with


Until next time,


Reading Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves.  It’s hard not to be annoyed some times. Especially when you are reading a book.

So I have composed a list of some of my reading pet peeves.

1. When someone feels they have the right to judge the fact I read

*Me: holding a book*

People: Why are you such a nerd?

*Me: mentions a book*

People: You’re such a weirdo

*Me: walks past the library to get to class*

People: I can’t believe you read, you’re so strange



I have a big issue when it comes to people judging the fact I read books. YES I READ (to quote Matilda). I don’t see why it has to be someone else’s issue. Am I bothering you by reading? Didn’t think so.

2. When someone interrupts my reading

giphy (2).gif

Most of the time, I read on the bus, and luckily for me, my best friend sits beside me. So she is very much aware of the fact I don’t want to talk on the bus. Oh hush! I get it isn’t social but we wake up at 5:30am and we are not morning people, we deserve sometime to just daydream/ read.

But I also read at school sometimes (during study periods, not class). And almost always, there is someone who wants to interrupt.

3. And then when they ask what it is about… while I’m in the middle of an intense chapter

giphy (1).gif

I’m sorry but I’m kind of reading right now. I don’t have time to explain to you what is happening, I’m in the middle of an epic battle and my character is about to die! I’M BUSY!!

4. When someone has the audacity to touch my book

giphy (3).gif

Oh my goodness. I leave my book on the table for twelve seconds and someone has picked it up!

Internal thoughts: That’s fine, all good, they just want to read the back. Breath Ryley, they won’t hurt the book, It’s  –  Oh my god what are you doing! You can’t just open my book up! I don’t know what smutty things the author has put in there. Close it!

5. When someone opens your book and they happen to open it to a romantic scene

giphy (5).gif

This is why I said stay out of it! I cannot be held accountable for what the author has put in the book.

giphy (4).gifBut no matter what your reading pet peeves are, you will always find a way to keep on keeping on.

Until next time,

5 Fictional Names I cannot say (or spell) to save myself

Hey Reader Fans,

You might not be aware, but I have a terrible habit of spelling words wrong (whether or not they are book related). How do you spell definetly Ryley? Not how you just did then, thank you spell checker (definitely ryley). I also have a habit of random capital letters, hence why my name didn’t just have a capital and half of my I’s don’t have one. (I’m sorry for my terrible grammar, i might consider working on it)

So that means that when it comes to reading names and places from books i am in a little bit of trouble. Most of the time I just look at the name, eg. Adgaiyfg (and yes i did just hit random letters on the keyboard), and decided his new name is Agator. it’s just how it is sometimes. I know it’s so far off but I can’t help it. It’s stuck in my brain and can’t be changed.


Here are some fictional names that i cannot say or spell for the life of me and even though I know it’s wrong, i cannot help it.

1. Aeedion Ashryver:

‘I think i know who you’re talking about… but isn’t it Aedion?’1

yes it is, good job picking up (if you couldn’t tell it’s meant to be Aedion from the Throne Of Glass Series [Sarah J Maas]). I’m pretty sure in half my reviews i have spelt Aeedion with two e’s. I also pronounce it Aye-dee-on, emphases on the Aye and i have no clue if that is correct. It’s a habit now and I cannot break it. I also have this issue with Lyssandra once again there is no need to have double letters. Her name is only spelt with one ‘s’.

2. Inej:2

How the hell am I supposed to know how to pronounce that. In-Jet? In-Jit? I-ne-Je? Leigh Bardugo what are you doing to me?

When I put it out to the bookstagram community how to pronounce this name, I was lucky enough to have someone send me a video of leigh Bardugo pronouncing the names. Even knowing how to pronounce it correctly, it is edged into my brain this way and it cannot be changed. (If you ever need this video dm me on instagram @_queenofthebooks_ I have the video saved so I can send it to you if you need)

3. Nehemia Ygter:

look at that Ryley, you tried to tell everyone you can’t pronounce Nehemia and you managed to screw up her last name, it’s Ytger by the way.5

Nehemia? hmmm, for a long while i just decided to call her Noumea (which is an island by the way) simply because it started with a N and had the letter m in is. Now i think i can pronounce the first name right (ne-he-mia? ne-hem-mia?) no sorry still confused. But the last name? what? I’m going to go with yogurt but with an r after the o, yorgurt. yeah no, that is definently wrong. (Damn it Ryley! you spelt definitely wrong again? isn’t there like a limit on this sort of thing?)

4. All town names in Fantasy Novels

  • Ravka : Ra.. Rava… Rav.. Ravaka?
  • Dierholm : should I even try?
  • Ardland : for the life of me I cannot say this. When other people say it, it sounds so easy but I always add extra letters in (Ar-da-land)
  • Novyi Zem : was this really necessary Leigh Bardugo


5. A hell of a lot of things from Rebel of the Sands [Alwyn Hamilton]

This book was such a good read, especially me guessing how to pronounce the names. To be honest though, most of them I could get; Amani (although sometimes I add an ‘L’ and make it Almani), Jin, Yasmin and some others. But my main issues where with the Gods and horses etc.

  • Buraqi (The magical horse)
  • Xichian (A language)
  • Commander Naguib
  • Demdji (can’t say cause spoiler and I just can’t pronounce it)

and a few more, that I can’t remember how to spell and can’t find in the book right at this moment.

What about you? Any names you can’t spell or pronounce? Please tell me you are a little bit like me, I’m helpless when it comes to pronouncing names!

I’m probably going to be starting up another list soon, because this was super fun to make!

Until next time,

5 side characters who need their own book

Hey reader fans,

As much as I love main characters, there a many side characters that I want to hear from. I feel as if these 5 side characters truly deserve a book to themselves, and not only because I am obsessed with them… but also because I want to get to know them better and would love to see exactly how they saw a certain situation.

Minor spoilers for A Court Of Mist and Fury ahead!


I need to hear from Rhysand. That one chapter at the end wasn’t enough. I need this series done in Rhysand’s point of view and I need it now.

It would be fantastic if he could have his own one. I really want to know what he is thinking, like all the time.

Rhysand has to go through so much in this book he deserves to share his side of the story. I felt so bad when he had to go to the court of nightmares and be the evil version of himself he hates so much. He deserves his own book.queen of the books.png

I get that this book is done in third person so I am seeing a lot that is happening. But it isn’t like the other books in the series where it still switches point of views in a way. This one just follows Celaena, which is great don’t get me wrong. But I really want to hear from Sam or even Sam in third person. I need to know what was going on in his head when the pair went to pirates bay, when they were Celaena was taken away, what he thinks of Lysandra, why he was stupid enough to get killed! damn it Sam!


Still haven’t read the whole series…. But I can tell you Hermione needs her own series. She is the really MC here. She is solving problems left right and center. Besides Lunar she is my favourite.

Hermione deserves a hell of a lot. She solved the poison challenge that they didn’t even bother to put into the movie. She was petrified because she figure out what was going around the school and she has to put up with Ron and Harry. I can’t believe Harry gets all the credit.


Maxon deserves his own book for many reasons. The first being that I love him and he should just have one. The second being he had to put up with America and a whole heap of other teenage girls. Just like everyone else on this list, i want to know what he was thinking. Plus he has a really big role in this book and I don’t see why we should get to see it from his view.


It’s not the same one so don’t stress. I think *holds back vomit* that tamlin deserves his own book *gags*. I know he is a annoying and heartless and a terrible human being. But I think he deserves to share his story.

He went through a lot under the mountain and I think we need to hear from him. i still think he is tool for what he did/ didn’t do but he should tell his side.

I don’t care why he did what he did but she should still be able to hold back feyre’s hair when she is vomitting so he better have a bloody good reason as to why he didn’t

That’s all for this time. Who do you think deserves their own book? I’m sure there are plenty more who should share of the story, so comment down below what you think.

Until next time reader fans,

5 Thoughts you had while reading…

Hey reader fans,

The name pretty much says it all. But let me explain a little, while reading  Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy I was overcome with emotions and feels. The amount of times I wanted to laugh or just rip the book apart was far to many… but bere are five feelings you will have while reading Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

(If you have missed my review on this book, you can find it here)


Every single time someone was rude to one of the overweight girls.

And picking on them because of their size or others on their teeth and height.



But everytime one of them came up with an awesome comeback I was like:


When Dumplin’ was embracing her body and wear killer bikini’s (at the beginning of the book) and you wanted to go out and buy a pair for yourself:


At the end of the book when you’re answer to that question was ->->->->

This also is what you did when the mc gets into a relationship, stand up to her mum, apologies to her bestie and competes in the pageant.

Plus when you find out the results for the competition.


And now you have finished your new motto is something along the lines of:

because this book taught you to embrace yourself and that as long as you try your best no one will judge. But also that other people’s opinions don’t matter!

What did you think?

There are plenty more emotions that I can think of… but I liked these gifs so I went with these ones hahaha. Have you read Dumplin’ yet? what did you think?

and also, what book should I do next?

Until next time reader fans,


5 fictional characters sailing in our ship of dreams

Hey reader fans,

I will admit, I am in love with shipping book characters (or movie/ tv characters, or people in real life). Here are my five favourite OTP’s


Rysand and Feyre mainly because I can’t go a night without wanting to read ACOMAF. and i’m not even joking when i say, i read a chapter of ACOMAF every night before I go to bed. It doesn’t matter if i’m reading something else, because these two are way to adorable for me.


Next up is Celaena and Rowan. The most kickass couple of them all. I swear if anything happens to one of those two in the next book I will cry for months. I’m still not over the ending of EoS.


Third on the list is Bex and Jack from ‘the anatomical shape of a heart’. they are so perfect for each other and as said in the book, they are a lake for one another. They are a place where the other one can escape reality and just relax. Oh, how I love them!


Four and Tris! I remember reading the first divergent in a day and loving these two together. I haven’t read the last one and I know what happens but I don’t think I will ever be ready to read it.

queen of the books.png

Miles and Alaska. Looking for alaska is one of my favourite books. I pretty much shipped these two right away and will continue to even though certain things happen.

There are plenty more otp’s running around in my head. What are your favourite fictional couples?

until next time reader fans,

Best Book Covers of 2016

Hey reader fans,

2016 has come to an end (a week and a half ago but anyways…). But that doesn’t mean we should forget about everything that happened. Especially not when it comes to books. There were many many many books released last year, each one with a cover just as beautiful as the last.

I know, I know, we shouldn’t judge books by their covers. BUT I’m going to anyway, so pull up a chair, sit back and relax, enjoy the show.


Crooked Kingdom [Leigh Bardugo]

This book is a no brainer. I mean it is utterly gorgeous! there is no way it could not be on this list. I haven’t read this one yet but I’ve heard a lot of great things about this book. My favorite thing about this book is how the buildings fit in with the crows wings. I will have to get around to reading these books this year.




My Lady Jane [Cynthia Hand. Brodi Ashton. Jodi Meadows]

Fingers crossed I read this book sometime this year!







A Court Of Mist And Fury [Sarah J Maas]

With a new year comes a continuation of my love for Sarah J Maas’ writing. I think it is time we appreciate the covers of her books. Especially this one! Oh how I love it! Feyre darling is beautiful and all geared up. and her tattooed hand. Oh, how I love it all!

(I’m guessing the next one will either be green or yellow)



Empire Of Storms [Sarah J Maas]

I have seen the US cover and I really want these books in hardcover… but I have got to give it to the UK/AU cover. The white background makes everything just stands out that little bit more.






Truthwitch [Susan Dennard]

Another book I hope to read sometime this year. The second one comes out at the end of January, I think at least.

(OMG, I just realised Sarah J Maas wrote the review thingy on the cover, got to read it now.)




this is where it ends [Marieke Nijkamp]

I love this cover! and the whole idea of this book. Fingers crossed I will get to read it sometime this year


(I actually went shopping the other day and brought ‘This is where the world ends’ thinking it was this book with a different cover)



Rebel of the Sands [Alwyn Hamilton]

I did get this book the other day as well. And the cover is so pretty!



I know there are plenty more beautiful covers out there from 2016. What were your favourite? and which books covers for 2017 do you like so far?

until next time reader fans,