And I Darken by Kiersten White || Book Review

“I am the dragon.”

Yes Lada you are the dragon!

Lada is so inspirational I cannot even begin to explain how awesome she is. However, I will attempt to. To begin this review I should probably start by telling you a little run down of this book. This is a fabulous retelling of Vlad the Impaler and if that isn’t enough to get you to pick up the book, it is also a gender swap thingy meaning the one and only Lada is the female version of Vlad the Impaler.

If you do not know much about Vlad the Impaler don’t stress, this book is even better when you don’t know the story line. Or at least I’m assuming, I knew only bits and pieces of the story line but I was still surprised on how everything happened.

The chapters of this book are short and I could not wish for anything more in my life than small chapters! It just makes it so much easier to read the book and it feels at least eight times quicker to read. The plot is fast paced and is bound to always capture your attention. There were some suspenseful moments but I think overall the fate of Lada and Radu was the most stressful thing for me. I just need them to be happy and safe!!!!!

As for the characters, Lada was incredible and, as I said before, so inspiring (even if she is a little bit stabby stabby every now and then). If someone ever writes a cross over where Lada goes into the Throne of Glass world I will read it non stop. She is so determined and unwilling to give in to things she does not believe in. She is confident and strong minded. Urg, I cannot even begin to explain my love for this dragon.

Radu, Lada’s brother, wasn’t my biggest fan at the beginning but I know that’s because strong minded characters are always my favourite. Luckily for me, I started to like Radu once he got older and started to take things into his own hands.

The world building in this book was spectacular, I’ve actually done three assessment pieces in the past eight weeks of school based on the Islamic religion, so I found it so interesting to read about it in a book. Especially from Lada’s point of view who wants to protect her own religion and not give in to another.

Overall, I highly recommend this book and if you know of any ya historical fantasy books please let me know because And I Darken had made me so interested in reading more stories based on the past.

Have you read this book, what did you think of it?

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