April Wrap Up || Am I way to nice when rating books?

139914112478877_animateI’m back again
, and this time with another wrap-up…

My month was off to an amazing start with me kicking out books like I was trying out for the part of Shang from Mulan

But then it kind of slowed down a little bit, leaving me not wanting to read for the last week of the month. Yep, that’s right, I didn’t read anything this/last week.

Here is what I read:

Descendants [Rae Else]: 3/5 stars, I felt this book was a little repetitive but also reminded me of Percy Jackson… but girl version.

Air and Ash [Alex Lidell]: 5/5 stars, this book is probably the first book I have read that involves a ship and a little voyage, so it was very interesting.

A Court of Thorns and Roses [Sarah J Maas]: Forever and always a 5/5 stars. I did a read along for this book which was massive and probably is highly boring… but if your interested it can be found here

Coming Up For Air [Miranda Kenneally]: 5/5 stars which is a rating I am highly confused about because it’s a contemporary book and it always confuses me rating contemporaries seeing they can no way compare to the epic battle that occurs during fantasy novels. A review will be coming closer to the release of the book, but for now my goodread’s review is here.

Follow Me Back [A.V Geiger]: 4/5 stars, this contemporary has a very very interesting plot twist which will leave you gasping for air. But, this book is also written a lot like a fanfiction. Review coming closer to the release but for now my goodread’s review is here.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [J.K Rowling]5/5 stars. This book is probably my favourite Hp book so far but I can’t wait to read the rest.

Oh no! I keep rating books 5 guys!! I was going to give all these book 5’s by the way (well, not Descendants)… I had to seriously think with Follow Me Back because it has such a good ending.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-19703-1381844694-14Why do books have to have epic/good endings???

It screws up my feelings on the book. I could be going for two stars and then awesome kick ass ending occurs and all of a sudden I want to give it a five. Like No Ryley No. Calm down!

And I am sure these books are five star worthy… but every single book I read (over exaggeration) is five star worthy to me and I need to stop. I’m either way to nice on book ratings or I am extremely good at picking epic books. I think it might be a combination of both.

But I also don’t want to over think everything because it ruins the whole reading experience.

*deep breath*

What else did I do this month?

  • I started an Aesthetic account with another bookstagramer (@readinginthestarlight) to post aesthetics on, seeing they became very popular in April in the bookstagram community and once I made one I was hooked and had to make a million. That new account is called @valgprincess in case you ever want to look (and yes, indeed it is the name of the second bookstagram account I had for like three days. But then I went through a period of time where I hated all my photos so I deleted it and now it’s back!)
  • I convinced my sister to start the Throne of Glass series and I honestly wish I had her reviewing skills. No, she isn’t actually writing reviews, but she can give actual ratings out of five that aren’t my in-the-spur-i-loved-the-ending-must-be-five-stars-worthy-even-though-i-hated-everything-else.
    • The Assassin’s Blade: Her rating – 3.5/5 seeing she didn’t like the first two novella’s…. My rating – 5/5 because SAM CORTLAND
    • Throne of Glass: Her Rating– 4/5 because she didn’t like the Elena parts or the duel at the end…. My Rating – 5/5 because FLEETFOOT!

This is what I mean guys^^^^ someone help me sort out my rating issue.

That’s all for this month, what did you read?

Until next time,

Weekly Wrap Up [#4]

Woah! Okay, I forgot to do last week’s weekly wrap up.

But I’m here now… and I have some things to share.

First of all I apologize for the mass amount of post recently, they are all to do with A Court Of Thorns and Roses and the reread & discussion I am currently doing.

I’ve decided for the A Court Of Mist and Fury reread & discussion I am just going to do the discussion in 3 parts (maybe 4). Each part is a different section of the book (ie, House of Beast, House of Wind ect)

Onto my reading for this week

After finish ACOTAR I went to start Harry Potter #3… except I still haven’t made it passed 30 pages and I don’t know why. I know the book will be amazing, but I can’t get myself to read it.

The reason I have never read the series before is purely because of the size of the writing. I don’t wear glasses, nor do I need to, but I just can’t get myself to concentrate on these words. Because there is so many on the page my mind goes into overload and freaks out from the sheer size of words I’ll have to read.

It is so much easier for me to read books with MASSIVE writing than smaller. It makes me feel like I am getting through the book at a much faster pace even though they normally have the same amount of words.

Instead of reading HP3 I went and read a ebook I received through Netgalley (which I learnt last week is not written Netgallery) in exchange for an honest review, was ‘Coming Up For Air‘ by Miranda Kenneally.


in summary it is about

  • A group of teenagers who are all highly athletic
  • Two are swimmers (The main character and her best friend)
  • The MC goes to visit a university on an open day and realizes she has missed out on heaps of high school experiences (*cough she wants a boyfriend)
  • But she also knows she needs to focus big time on swimming because she still hasn’t made the Olympic trial yet
  • Things happen, food is eaten

This book won’t be out until July, but I recommend it to high school students who love contemporary.

I also rearranged my shelves today and I absolutely love it! I don’t have many books at all (I have 35 I think) and I was a little bored of having them in colour order. I have so many black books it wasn’t eye catching.

So now they are in alphabetical order (by individual book not series) with a few turned out so I can see the front cover.)

I am so happy with it now! Maybe I will do a shelf tour soon.

I won’t be reading this weekend because my sister is home from university. But when school starts, I’ll be reading on the bus.

My goals for next week are:

  • Start and finish ‘Follow me Back’
  • Finish ‘Harry Potter #3’
  • Possibly start ACOMAF reread.

I did hope to have HP4 done this month, but I don’t think I will get to it.

Anyways, what are you up to?

Until next time,

March Wrap Up

March is over!

Woah! another month down, why is this year going so fast! I actually have a two week holiday now, so more books for me!!!! But during March I was drowning in school work and study, so I didn’t get as many books as February finished, but I got enough to make me happy 🙂

I’ve set this out a little differently so it’s a tad more interesting. First is a list and rating out of 5 for each book I read (you can find reviews for these books by clicking on the rating). Then are some questions, like favourite book and favourite character, which I thought would be fun! So here we go:

  1. Truthwitch [Susan Dennard] 4/5 stars
  2. First Command: A TIDES Novella [Alex Lidell] 5/5 stars
  3. Windwitch [Susan Dennard] 4/5 stars
  4. King’s Cage [Victoria Aveyard] 5/5 stars
  5. Crooked Kingdom [Leigh Bardugo] 5/5 stars
Give me give me give me (favourite book)

This is a really difficult choice, My five star rating books were First Comman, King’s Cage and Crooked Kingdom but I think I will have to go with Crooked Kingdom being my overall favourite. Maybe because I just finished it and it is all fresh in my mind, maybe because it is incredible and I loved it the most… we shall never know, haha.

Take it, I don’t want it anymore (least favourite)

I think my least favourite read this month was Truthwitch, although it did take me longer to read windwitch, I think it was more enjoyable. Truthwitch is good, don’t get me wrong, I did give it fours stars, but it wasn’t as good as the other books I read this month.

You’re so beautiful! (favourite cover)

Crooked Kingdom is by far my favourite cover for this month. The amount of people who commented on it at school! I think there was about three people who asked what it was about and said it looked beautiful, and that is saying a lot considering no one every talks to me about the books I am carrying around.

My precious (Favourite character)

I thought I knew who my favourite character was, but then I finished Crooked Kingdom and now I am stuck between three characters.

  1. Owl from Windwitch
  2. Evangeline from King’s Cage
  3. Inej from Crooked Kingdom
Really? (Most annoying character)

A character who I found really annoying would have to be the puppeteer from Windwitch or Cal from King’s Cage (sorry Cal and Mare shippers, I would prefer her to stay single)

Shut up and let me read (easiest/ quickest to read)

It may have been because it is a novella, but First Command, was the easiest and fastest for me to get through. I did also skim through it a second time, because I was looking for some quotes from the book (which I found) and it was just as quick the second time round.

Where you at? (Where is all the merch at?)

I understand why there isn’t First Command merch (because the first book isn’t actually out yet) but where is all the Truthwitch merch at???

Are you hiding? (I need more from this author)

I need the next boook, Air and Ash, which is the main book to First Command. I was lucky enough to receive an early copy to review and I will be reading it next week! If you are interested in a free copy of First Command just head to my review (there is a link up in pink near the top of this post) and there is another link somewhere in the post which will send you on your way to a free copy of First Command.

That’s all for this month,

What was your favourite/ least favourite read this month??

Until next time,

Weekly Update [3]

I did a lot,

^little summary up there^

So many things happened this week and mainly because of procrastination, but you know, why not.

Okay so first let’s begin with Saturday:

I read a novella! I read a novella called First Command which is a prequel novella to The TIDES series which shall be coming out in May. And get this, the second book in the series will come out a couple of weeks (I think 6) after the first book!

First Command was incredible and I highly suggest it. It is 50 pages I think, and also the only pages I read all week. Oops, yep, once again I did not get very much reading done at all. It wasn’t necessarily that I was studying, more that I was too exhausted to read, especially Windwitch, there is so much going on in that book.

But, I do plan to read it tonight, as soon as I have finished writing this.

(Also on the note of First Command: A TIDES Novella, you can get a free  copy of it through this link. It gave me so many emotions, I was about thirty seconds away from crying)

Then onto the rest of the week,

As mentioned before I did very little reading, but I did a whole heap of writing, and by that I mean I did my chemistry and Study of Religion test. My chemistry test was 12 pages just of answers, as in not including the questions.

I also managed to convince my entire school study group to sleep for an hour, and seriously, it was the best hour of my whole week, haha, naps are honestly the best thing ever, I also highly suggest having one if you have any spare time.

I changed up my theme on bookstagram which I think is going okayish, I’m not entirely sure how it compares to my other theme (so if you have any comments on the new theme let me know, especially any improvements).

Oh yeah! before I forget! I made some very aesthetically pleasing Pinterest boards. It might not sound that interesting, but it took a rather long time, and was very enjoyable. They relate to some books I hope to write one day eventually… Anyways here are some snippets of them:


I am actually writing Dieheart at the moment and hope to have it finished sometime in the Easter Holidays (before the end of April). SO far I’m at 40,000 words I think, maybe (?)

I have also actually written The Sleeping Dragon (and yes it needs a better name), I do believe it is at 60,000 words, but it needs a hell of a lot of work done on it. I was editing it a while back and it was so not good, just random characters I thought were dead popping up out of nowhere, haha. Maybe I will go back and rewrite it after Dieheart.

And then the Huntress, it a book I’m not entirely sure what it is about, but I have a small snippet of inspiration.

(If you happen to actually want to look at these boards, just click on the link in the titles above, and if you ever want to hear more about them just let me know and I might make a whole post about them)

Okay now that I think of it, this week actually wasn’t that busy, I’m pretty sure that’s everything that has to do with my life this week, see you next week, hopefully it will be a bit more interesting *fingers crossed*

Until next time,


Weekly Wrap Up [2]

Wait for it,

This week was a whole lot of Hamilton and no reading

I have decided that I will write my weekly updates on Friday because I have the most spare time then… so here is how this week went

(ps. just so you don’t all think I am crazy, I’m about to say I’m stressed a lot, I am actually perfectly fine and am planning on doing a lot of things tomorrow which will knock some goals out of the road, which will mean I shall be stress free)

This week was not completely terrible… but it was so far from awesome I can’t believe I’ve actually included that word in this update. I am okay, I am perfectly fine… it’s just I’m also highly stressed and feel like I just need to find the reset button on this week.

This week was actually pretty good, I just had a terrible Friday so it’s sort of dragged my thoughts on this week down a little.

I did not get any reading done this week. There wasn’t much reason behind this except for the fact that I didn’t feel like reading. I didn’t have the energy to. I went to start windwitch but I wasn’t able to actually pay attention and found myself staring at a page only to realise I was not actually reading.

I did read a chapter of King’s Cage but then couldn’t be bothered to continue. Like it was good, but I just haven’t had the urge to want to read at all this week.

I actually felt very unproductive all week… I don’t know why, Last week I was just killing it with all this study and completing goals and then this week was a bit of a hectic mess.

That’s probably because all week I was stressing about test and assignments which are happening/due for the next three weeks. (Just like last week, I’m only slightly stressing *continues to stress over everything*)

I did get my assignment out of the road, which was an English presentation. So one thing can be crossed off my list of things to stress over my list of things to do.

As for bookstagram, I spent Sunday taking all my photos for March, and I am in love with them, I am so happy with how the photoshoot went! It took exactly 46 songs to get done. And by that I mean I finally managed to listen to the entirety of Hamilton in order!

I’m actually so happy that I finally got to finish it. I normally get halfway before having to stop, but I spent more time on photos this week so I got it done! I am seriously in love with it, have you listened to it, what is your favourite song????

It’s actually so inspiring, I had to change the quote on my mirror, now it is ‘I’m past patiently waiting, I’m passionately smashing every expectation, every action is an act of creation’.

As for next week, I do not need to take any photos so I can cross another thing off my list. But I do have a few little goals.

  • Read and finish windwitch (from Monday to Friday, 80 pages a day = 40 pages a bus trip… That is 110% doable if I actually open the book)
  • Study like I’m running out of time, study like it’s going out of style
  • listen to more Hamilton and make more references (^that was sort of one by the way)
  • Stress a little less (because no one likes it when I stress, haha)

How was your week? Did you get any reading done? Do you have any tips for me and my little reading slump because I seriously need to get out of it!

Until next time.

Weekly Wrap Up [#1]

Hey Book Nation!

Today I bring to you an idea that I have completely stolen from Ash over at ‘Our Books and Bookish Thoughts’

Basically what this is a weekly update on how everything is going, mostly focusing on books but also throwing in the occassional comment about bookstagram or something else book related (also life happening which you may or may not care all to much about)

To begin, this week I changed the theme of this website! What? I know, looks a little different to usual! But I thought it was time for a change, I wasn’t entirely happy with the previous theme and thought it looked a little eww…. so I thought ‘why not change it to something I’m interested in?’ So that is exactly what I did.

Onto the book side of things…

On Monday I started reading Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. This book was incredible although, I did expect to like it a bit more. I loved it, but not as much as I thought I would. There is so much hype around this book, and yes, it is good. But I do think the level of hype on this book is a little bit too much.

Normally I read a little at night as well as on the bus (and during study time at school). But I couldn’t this week because I am now seriously drowning in school work. I’m only a little bit stressed out *she says after a week of only 5 hours sleep a night* I am definitely getting  a lot more into study then I had been earlier this year meaning I am not getting a book done in 2/3 days but rather my normal 5-7.

So with that said, I finished Truthwitch Friday morning and so moved onto Windwitch. So far I’m only 30 pages into it. And I must admit, I’m a tad confused as to what is happening… there is a time jump between the two books so I’m just trying to figure out what on earth has happened.

I gave Truthwitch a 4/5 stars by the way. And I probably won’t have time to read windwitch until Monday as I’m planning on doing a bucket load of Math and Chemistry study. But windwitch is shorter that Truthwitch, which is a bit of a surprised, so fingers crossed I can have that done by Thursday so I can start King’s Cage.

onto a couple of bookstagram things!

  • I’ve joined 4 photo challenges this month! #ashreadschallenge3 #fanaticalbirdmarch #marchdelirium and #literatemarch17 . All of which are super fun and I cannot wait for later days in March.
  • Evelyn Skye liked two of my photos (they included her book The Crown’s Game) and commented on one with heart eye emojis…. yeah I’m fangirling!!!
  • Tomorrow I am going to try and take some photos. I’ve come up with a few more ideas which should fit into my current theme… it might change it slightly but shouldn’t change it too much… we will see, haha.

book related but not entirely book related:

  1. I’ve started burning my Abarox candle from Koolandco (he is the dragon from Throne of Glass) and I must say it smells amazing
  2. I cannot get over the quote ‘There is no wisdom in love’ from The Crown’s Game. It sounds so cliche but in the moment of the book it gave me all the feels.

That’s pretty much all for this week.

Until next time.

February wrap up

February done and dusted!

This year has been moving so fast!* and so far I have been knocking books down left, right and center. I don’t know whether I’ve finished more books because I’ve been liking them more or if it’s because I’ve made more time for reading or maybe even because I’ve spent my study periods at school reading instead of studying (oops!)

Whatever reason is fine by me, because I have been loving the majority of books being placed before me.

This month had some new changes, I joined audible (mainly because the first month is free, meaning you get one free audible… and then I found a coupon for another two free audiobooks, so I had three to listen to which was pretty awesome)

Onto the books I read this month:

*please excuse any spelling/ grammar errors, I’m currently writing this at midnight and I’m tired, sorry. And yes I have changed the look of this blog… I was getting a little tired with the old one 🙂

l.JPGThe Crown’s Game [Evelynn Skye]

I started this 5/5 star book in the end of January but finished it on the first of Feburary and so I’ve included in this month’s wrap up. January had a lot of 4.5 rated books from me, but I hadn’t found one (apart from Acomaf) that clearly said ‘I’m worth five stars’ that was until I got to this one. The Crown’s Game, is SPECTACULAR, incredible, amazing and I cannot wait for the second book, The Crown’s Fate.

This is a Fantasy Ya book set in Russia, a story about two enchanters who must battle it out, the winner taking the title of the Emperial enchanter for the Zsar. And the loser is sentenced to death.

My full review is here!

Snow Like Ashes [Sara Raasch]


I listened to the audiobook of this story and absouletly loved it. I ended up giving this book a 5/5 stars and practically decided on that within the first quarter of the novel.

I am not starting the next book, until I get a physical copy of it, because after listening to this one I am really wanting to read it with my own eyes.

mini review can be found here


img_6591Magic Mirabelle and the Riddle of the Night Opium [Manfred]

After not finishing this book in January as  i had hoped I was determined to get it done this month, and so I did.

3 out of 5 stars to this one.

If you are interested in a paranormal fantasy you can see my full review here


1.jpgLegend [Marie Lu]

How long did it take me to read this book you ask… less than 22 hours. Keep in mind I started reading this book at 8pm, factor in sleep and keep in mind the fact that from 6am-4.30pm I am getting ready/ at school/bus.

So yeah, I did indeed stay up until midnight reading this book, it got me just over halfway and then I finished the rest during class like the procastinating person I am.

Either way this book was fabulous and well deserving of 4 stars.

My blog review is coming soon… but in the mean time my goodread’s review is up and read


1.jpgProdigy [Marie Lu]


A 4.5 stars for this lovely second book in a series. This book is extremely easy to get into, making it a quick read. It felt so short, but I guess all good books do.

Just like Legend a full review is on it’s way, but for now here is my goodread’s review



Findi1.jpgng Audrey [Sophie Kinsella]

Seriously guys, I am going to need a little help here… I cannot stop reading. I’ve avoided so much homework and study, this book was not a help to the issue at all.

3.5/5 stars, really fast read and very good.

mini review can be found here


Everything Everything [Nicola Yoon]

This book, although slightly predictable, was incredible and my new favourite contemporary read 5/5 stars.

I suggest not watching the movie trailer first as it is probably what gave most of it away for me. (Also this was one of my audiobooks)

mini review here



Mask of Shaows [Linsey Miller]

3.5/5 stars for this early review-copy of Mask of Shadows. This book was a fast pacing action packed, deadly competition. My fulled review to this book will be out in September. Look out for this book (it’s release is planned for the 5th of September 2017)

A longer review will be out closer, but here is a really short one


Throne of Glass [Sarah J Maas]

Do you expect any less from me??? Of course I had to throw in a book from Sarah J Maas!

This was my third time rereading this book, and I swear this book gets 1000x better with each reread!!!

I have a couple of reviews for this books which can be found here or here

What I didn’t finish this month.

Poison city by Paul Crilley has now joined my dnf pile for the second time and therefore my third challenge in the #tackleyourlibrarychallenge2017 is not complete nor will it be.

–  I did plan to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo this month, but have only read 150 pages so far. I am loving it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not entirely in the mood for it at the moment (do you understand what I mean?)

– My copy of King’s Cage has not arrived yet, which is sort of disappointing… I had pre-ordered this book and yet it wasn’t sent out until two weeks after the release date because the company ran out! (which sort of defeats the whole pre-order thingy)

(I’ve also just started on my fourth book for the #tackleyourlibrarychallenge2017 – Truthwitch by Susan Dennard… this book is going very well so far!!!)

That’s all for February!

I hope you had a good reading month, what was your favourite read??

Until next time,