Best Things About Being A Book Lion

^Because I refuse to be called a bookworm

I am a book lion and this is my book jungle, I am not some dirty worm crawling through earth.

Excusing the fact I hate being called a bookworm, there are so many awesome things about reading. Here’s a list.

1. When no one else has read the books you have so your allowed to use any comebacks from the book

giphy (10).gif

Am I the only one who has a pintrest board filled with sassy book comment I want to use someday?

2. Pretending to be philosophical by using quotes from books no one has read/ remembers

giphy (11).gif

Oh how I love to use book quotes to confuse people.

3. Getting to use awesome character names from books whenever suggesting a pet/ baby name


People come into work all the time (pregnant) and I suggest as many names as I can, Aedion, Rhysand, Maxon, Cress, Manon. I got you covered.

4. Being able to say difficult names because fantasy books have prepared you well

Well, I’m not entirely the best at this. But it does help sometimes.

5. Being able to escape all your problems by reading a book

giphy (4)

6. Knowing that there are so many people you can talk/rant/fangirl about books with


Until next time,

Three Cinderella Retellings For When You Want To Feel Like A Low Key Princess

Does anyone else love retellings???

I do.

And that is why I am here today with some Cinderella retelling. I only have three, as I wanted to just put in the ones I have read.

The Lunar Chronicles [Marissa Meyer]

The first book in this series, Cinder, is a Cinderella retelling set in future China. Out of the following retellings, I think this one stays the closest to the fairytale we all know and love.

Cinder is a cyborg and Beijing’s top mechanic. When the prince comes to Cinder for help with one of his androids, her life turns upside down.

Throne of Glass [Sarah J Maas]

Okay, you won’t believe me, but it is true. A very loose base. Sarah J Maas got the inspiration to this book when listening to the Cinderella soundtrack. From their she thought the music was very intense considering Ella was just leaving the ball. So she figured, maybe she was leaving for a reason, maybe, just maybe, she was there to kill the prince.

The Selection Series [Kiera Cass]

“Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress”

Yep, said by Kiera Cass herself.

This retelling is more to do with the ball and fancy dresses, then to do with step sisters and fairy godmothers. But it is still amazing!

What are your thoughts on retelling?

Until next time.

That Time I Explained The Book I’m Writing

One of my goals of this year was to finish the book I’m currently writing before the end of may. Ummmm…. I may have procrastinated #alot but it’s still May and there is a *cough small* possibility that I will get it finished on time (just the first draft guys don’t get you’re hopes up).

I’m about four chapters away from the end!!! How exciting??

For a while, I wasn’t writing or focusing any attention on this book. But then procrastination kicked in one day and I felt like creating a playlist for this project (still haven’t finished the playlist but hey, it takes time). However, while I was choosing songs, my homeroom buddy at school who is also on bookstagram asked if she could read what I had so far. So I kicked into action and am now currently both drafting the first couple of chapters and finish the final ones #wow

So all the boring introduction stuff is out of the way…. here is what this is all about


*faint cheers and claps in the distance*

Aren’t I just great at picking names? (don’t answer that). Here is some info on it:

Where can you find the first couple of chapters????

Right here my friends. As I draft the chapters and my friend does another check on them, I will be posting the chapters here on fictionpress

(my username is really weird, but I made it a long time ago and don’t feel like changing it)

What on earth is it about?

Luckily for you, I have created a very awful synopsis

I was always used to not being needed. No one needed me around. That was why I was chosen to be this years sacrifice. To be offered up to the Gods as payment for their ongoing protection. I was meant to die. But here I am. Still alive. And now I am expected to help the Sun God retrieve something stolen from him, not that they would let me know what it was.


1Hell yeah I have a pinterest board going for this. Here you go

Wasn’t this meant to be for your camp nanowrimo?

Yes and there is no need to judgegiphy (5)

Some character names please???

Main character: Billy Raiherfu (aka #whatisgoingon (aka the only reason I chose the name Billy was for the Billy Goat reference))

Awesome sort of main characters: Mantus (aka #bossbabe)

Charles (aka #hungryasthewolf)

Itari (aka only hot because he is the Sun God #burn)

And that is all for this procrastination session.

Until next time,

Laurinda by Alice Pung || Book Review

“…If you have enough inner resources, you can be by yourself for a long time and not feel smaller because of it.”

Oops, sorry I haven’t posted a review in a while. I’m a little *cough a lot* behind on my May tbr #sorrynotsorry, I read Poison Study, then a book for review (the review won’t be up until closer to the release date), followed by ACOWAR and my emotions are still over the place with that one. But I just finished Laurinda and am in perfect position to tell you all about it.

If I haven’t done so before, I should point one of my latest discoveries IF SOMEONE ELSE DOES OR DOES NOT LIKE A BOOK, DO NOT LET IT AFFECT YOUR VIEWS ON IT.

This book took me a while to start because every single moron at my school felt like pointing out their hatred of this book. You think I would have learnt by now that the kids at my school would rather go blind then read a book, but I haven’t yet. I let their opinions stop me from reading this amazing book earlier. Urg! I’m so frustrated with myself.

I must admit, the prologue was a bit ify, but after that I was hooked! I never really had the motivation to go out and read this book, but whenever I did pick it up I could never stop.

It was Fast pacing while at the same time ensuring to include detail into everything. I don’t think I can express my love for this book enough, but I’ll try.

This book tackles topics such as racism and corrupt power, which are both topics I have never really read about. But I am a big believe in equality and it drives me mad to see people say they aren’t racist but then turn around and make all these low key and high key racist actions. Anyways, I’m off topic. This book was amazing and I loved how it focused on these issues.

If I could change one thing about this book, I would make it longer. I loved it so much and I just needed more!!! But it is all good because I’m fairly sure I will reread it next week.

My goodread’s review is here

Until next time,

Reading Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves.  It’s hard not to be annoyed some times. Especially when you are reading a book.

So I have composed a list of some of my reading pet peeves.

1. When someone feels they have the right to judge the fact I read

*Me: holding a book*

People: Why are you such a nerd?

*Me: mentions a book*

People: You’re such a weirdo

*Me: walks past the library to get to class*

People: I can’t believe you read, you’re so strange



I have a big issue when it comes to people judging the fact I read books. YES I READ (to quote Matilda). I don’t see why it has to be someone else’s issue. Am I bothering you by reading? Didn’t think so.

2. When someone interrupts my reading

giphy (2).gif

Most of the time, I read on the bus, and luckily for me, my best friend sits beside me. So she is very much aware of the fact I don’t want to talk on the bus. Oh hush! I get it isn’t social but we wake up at 5:30am and we are not morning people, we deserve sometime to just daydream/ read.

But I also read at school sometimes (during study periods, not class). And almost always, there is someone who wants to interrupt.

3. And then when they ask what it is about… while I’m in the middle of an intense chapter

giphy (1).gif

I’m sorry but I’m kind of reading right now. I don’t have time to explain to you what is happening, I’m in the middle of an epic battle and my character is about to die! I’M BUSY!!

4. When someone has the audacity to touch my book

giphy (3).gif

Oh my goodness. I leave my book on the table for twelve seconds and someone has picked it up!

Internal thoughts: That’s fine, all good, they just want to read the back. Breath Ryley, they won’t hurt the book, It’s  –  Oh my god what are you doing! You can’t just open my book up! I don’t know what smutty things the author has put in there. Close it!

5. When someone opens your book and they happen to open it to a romantic scene

giphy (5).gif

This is why I said stay out of it! I cannot be held accountable for what the author has put in the book.

giphy (4).gifBut no matter what your reading pet peeves are, you will always find a way to keep on keeping on.

Until next time,

Why Contemporary confuses me

You may have seen a contemporary book review (or two) I have done before. 

And every time I write one, I kind of want to rip the book apart. Well, not really, but it is still highly frustrating. The thing is, Contemporaries are just so hard to review. How am I meant to compare a book like Fangirl, with a little bit of romance and issues about turning in an essay on time, to a book like Air and Ash with powers and epic sea battles?

I don’t think I can.

And that is a bit of an issue.

When I read a contemporary I FALL IN LOVE, I do, I really do. They are very cute books and for the most of them, I adore them. But even when I stay up all night to finish one, like Coming Up For Air, I can’t compare it to when I stay up all night to read Empire of Storms.

Contemporaries are nice and sweet and easy to get into. But Fantasies are EPIC and full of so many tiny little details that have me gasping and wanting more.

So I have decided, that when I give a contemporary five stars, it does not always mean it equal the five stars I give to a fantasy novel. I. Just. Can’t. Compare. The. Two. It’s too hard to, it’s like comparing cats to oranges. Yes! I went there, not apples to oranges, cats to oranges. They are so different and it drives me insane trying to figure out how to rate them.

Things I love about (Most) contemporaries:

  • Easy to get into
  • Characters eat a lot of food
  • Real life issues
  • Eye opening
  • More realistic but yet impossible to reach boyfriend standards
  • Characters are easier to relate to

Things I dislike about (Most) contemporaries:

  • No dragons
  • No witches
  • No epic battles
  • No curse that they have to undo
  • No hot fae male princes
  • No plot line that has me turning the page at 100km/h
  • Doesn’t bring me the same extreme range of emotions as fantasy
  • No Rhysand
  • No little tiny details that you don’t care about until later when they become MAJOR and have you saying ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that was clever.”

I just don’t think it’s far to compare the two. Some people might love contemporaries and know exactly what a great one looks like, but I’m not one of those people. I mainly rate books based on how they made me feel. If I was driven into a whirlwind of emotions then it’s normally a five from me.

And it just so happens that Fantasies do that a lot better, in my opinion.

That is pretty much all I have to say. Do you have the same issue? Or is it just me?

Also do you have any good contemporaries to recommend?

Poison Study by Maria v Snyder || Book Review

“Poisoned, pursued and living with a psychopath. Not what I would consider the good life. Death has its perks.”

I have decided that I am actually going to seriously think my rating through because I feel like I rate every book 5 stars purely because there was one thing I enjoyed about the book… It’s been highly bothering me.

With that said, my rating for Poison Study is 3.5. This is because I was stuck between 3 and 4 but felt 3 was too low and 4 was to much. (Let us all remember that 3.5 stars out of five is actually pretty good so do not be turned away from this book)

However, I do think this could be a book I would easily reread. In fact, i would read it again in a heartbeat. I know, I’m a little confusing. It’s purely because it was so easy to get into and had me wanting to read more.

There wasn’t really any point in this book that made me gasp and want to race ahead for answers, as in their was no real climax. Instead, there were small little hurdles every three or so chapters that kept me interest. But as a whole the book felt kept me feeling the same, just Cruisey.

At the beginning of the book, I did compare it to Throne of Glass a little bit. But as it went on I found it became completely different and I could no longer draw parallels. (Although, I would suggest it to anyone who likes the first TOG book)

This is the first book in the series, and I believe the first book Maria v Snyder wrote, and I think the series will improve. I have high hopes for it. I don’t own the other books on my kindle, and am putting myself on a book-buying ban (although we all know how we those go). But when the ban is over, this series will be one of the very next lined up.

As for the characters, I thought their was a wide variety of different personalities who always kept me on my feet. Although, some characters were more developed than others, I did find them very interesting. (Janco is my favourite!)

My goodread’s review can be found here,

Have you read this book or series? What did you think of it?

Until next time,