Review Policy

Rating Scale

5/5 – This book was perfection and I would recommend it in a heartbeat

4/5- I really really liked this book

3/5- This book was okay/ pretty good

2/5- I didn’t like this book. But occasionally it had good parts

1/5 – I really didn’t like this book.

DNF- Did not finish

Review Request

If you would like me to review a book, please head over to my contact page

My preferred genres are fantasy, dystopian and contemporary. However I am always open to trying something new (within the young adult section)

Respectfully, I will only accept books i feel i will enjoy. I read as a hobby not a job.

My reviews will always be honest and respectful. I cannot guarantee that I will love every book that I read but I do promise to have an open mind.

Reviews are posted on this blog and goodreads. Plus I also have an instagram account dedicated to books where I could possibly display the book.

All review on this site are my own thoughts, opinions and feels, mine alone. They cannot be swayed by anything other than the book itself. All books read and reviewed are either purchased, won in a giveaway, or provided by an author/ publisher at no cost in exchange for an honest review